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  1. Thanks NucksFTW I was looking for a breakdown of where articling students landed jobs. I too would like to return to Vancouver after school but deciding between TRU and U of C.
  2. Where did you find these statistics? Also, do you have the same for U of C?
  3. Accepted on Wednesday 157 LSAT 3.77/4.33 CGPA
  4. Accepted admission this morning 157 LSAT 3.77/4.33 CGPA
  5. Are there events like this later in the year? I'm still in school and unlikely to attend
  6. For most schools, the "school ambassadors" usually make the group. Does anyone know if Calgary ambassadors do the same?
  7. Would this be for those who have actually accepted, or for those offered admission?
  8. Accepted 3.77 CGPA 157 LSAT Good ECs, research experience in natural resources and Indigenous communities
  9. They did not attend law school. Just clerical.
  10. Thank you for the all the replies. *To clarify, my friend asked out of concern. He went on to say that he did not me wasting three years and moving away only to find out I hate being a lawyer. He has had two friends with aspirations of become a lawyer who worked in a law firm only to have their minds changed and not want to become lawyers.
  11. A lifelong friend of mine has questioned me on why I should be going to law school if I have never worked in a law firm. I want to hear from the community whether or not you had experience in a law firm prior to applying to law school. If not, how did you know you wanted to become a lawyer?
  12. Just got the call! OLSAS GPA: 3.66 LSAT: 157 Regular category Currently finishing my undergrad in BC
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