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  1. Funny context. I just finished my MA at NPSIA and am now headed to Western Law. The MA was great if you want to work in government because they offer great co-op opportunities. I was able to work at TBS and in Belgium at our embassy to the EU for a semester. Academically it was okay. I have a lot of friends in the dual degree that I could connect you with if you shoot me a pm.. If you are interested in government or international institutions then do the dual degree. Personally, the gov was great to work for but I really did not like Ottawa (I had some dark lonely nights out there...but also some fun ones) and thought the Feds were too slow paced for me. I just feel like I have too much energy for the city and public sector vibe right now. I went to NPSIA wanting to become a diplomat and now i'm heading to Western to go corporate. Your path could work out differently. Try not to have your family as a deciding factor here, they'll be fine either way....
  2. Are your undergraduate transcripts part of the OCI process in any way?
  3. I'm starting my JD this Fall and am wondering if anyone has any experience applying into the JD/MBA once in the JD program rather than before? Is this even possible?
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