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  1. Following. I did not receive any acknowledgement of funding with my acceptance letter to UBC, but I believe applications for bursaries/scholarships start in June? (someone please correct me if I'm wrong)
  2. Hello! I was lucky to receive an acceptance offer to UBC today, and I'm currently waiting to hear back from UOttawa. These were my top two choices, having also applied to Dal, UNB and UofM. I've reviewed the "10 reasons to/to not go..." threads and searched for a UBC/UOttawa comparison, but I'm hoping to get some more recent feedback from current/past students. I figured I would ask now in anticipation of hearing back from UOttawa eventually. If anyone can provide some information about their experiences or a comparison, that would be greatly appreciated! - - - - Some background information and questions... I'm a Winnipegger, single with no dependents. I completed a BScHon Genetics and will be finishing my PhD Neuroscience at UofM this summer. Given my science and medical research background, I'm most interested in patent law, health law and environmental law (but I'm willing to pursue other areas if they catch my fancy). I am attracted to Ottawa because of their specializations in these areas, and the possibility of making connections and pursuing a future career in government. I'm wondering if these specializations actually matter (browsing threads suggests they aren't) or if UOttawa offers anything that UBC doesn't? Also, if I'd still have a good shot at pursuing career options in federal government by going to UBC instead of UOttawa? I have never visited Ottawa and currently have no family/friends in the city while I will have some family in Vancouver/BC. I'm comfortable with Ottawa being a moderately sized city (relative to Toronto/Van) and having cold winters, but I won't lie that I'm excited by the opportunity to live in a milder climate and enjoy the city sights/hiking/cycling/etc that BC has to offer. I know living costs are much higher in Vancouver relative to Ottawa, but UOttawa has higher tuition costs. I've been able to live frugally in the past, so I think it would be easier to minimize living costs by choice, while tuition costs are guaranteed (and likely to increase). I'd be interested to hear about the best living options for each city. I am also open to living with a roommate if necessary, but would residency be a bad idea temporarily? I mostly depend on walking/cycling/busing for transport, and would like to not own a car if possible. I know Vancouver has a pretty decent transit system, but I'm not familiar with Ottawa's system. If there are any other things I should take into consideration when making my choice, I'd be interested to know!
  3. Accepted this afternoon! MB Resident (BScHon, PhD at UofM) LSAT (3x): 157, 156, 160 GPA: 87.9% Index score approx: 91.9
  4. I'm a first time applicant and I have a number there. Can't recall if that is new or not. My status has not been updated since November, but maybe that number is not included.
  5. Monday would be nice. I have a departmental potluck that day, so I'd love to celebrate with a full stomach!
  6. If I understand correctly, OLSAS releases your cGPA but universities themselves may still evaluate your application based on L2/B3. OLSAS does not calculate those for you.
  7. If anyone is keeping track, I had submitted my application November 12, and received notification of my "acceptance next month" with my cGPA inquiry on November 25.
  8. Going to have to reset the "How to spend a Bay street salary" thread.
  9. Brace yourselves everyone, it is now early December! Nail biting initiated. Good luck to all!
  10. Granted that my highest score on the LSAT is a 160, I figure the best way to improve in RC is just practice reading complex literature/articles and mentally summarizing each paragraph as you go. I particularly enjoyed the science texts due to my academic background, and I was most intimidated by the humanities texts (while I believe it's usually the reverse for most law applicants). It just comes with experience and confidence.
  11. Might be worth a tri! Ahem. Though I would probably be more inclined to do it for the semester abroad than for the slim possibility it adds anything to my law school application
  12. How long do you typically have to decide for UBC? I know Dalhousie is March 31, but UNB is January 15. Quite a large difference.
  13. Well ladies and gents, my application has officially been upgraded to "Under Evaluation"! Guess the gears are starting to turn in UOttawa admissions.
  14. UBC is definitely at the top of my list as well (MB resident). However, I am interested in possible future careers with a government. Would going to UOttawa provide that much of an advantage in that regard relative to attending UBC?
  15. Received my acceptance this afternoon! MB resident, BSc and PhD at UofM Undergrad cGPA of 4.06/4.5, Grad cGPA of 4.45/4.5 (OLSAS Calculator: cGPA=3.76, L2=3.9, B3=3.87) LSAT (3x): 157 (July 2019), 156 (Sept 2019), 160 (Oct 2019).
  16. I think I sent the email on weekend, and they got back to me Monday morning. Pretty smooth operation they have over there!
  17. Yes, I'd be interested to learn more about bursary/scholarship options at UBC, and how one would go about getting one.
  18. Yup, all I said was I submitted an application and I was wondering if I could get an accurate calculation for my cGPA and/or index score if it was available. They replied with my cGPA and said I will be receiving an offer next month.
  19. Better question might be who is not incomplete?
  20. They didn't tell me. But based on the 87.9% cGPA they told me and my highest LSAT scre (160), I think my index is 91.9 (based on the formula shown in the stickied thread). Perhaps they round up! XD
  21. I can confirm this works too! I emailed for my cGPA, which they provided, but they also said I should be expected an offer early in December! So stoked.
  22. I received notification my application was under review last Thursday afternoon, and I received acceptance offer this morning! While I will be waiting to hear from some other schools, this is pretty great way to start my week (+ Bombers winning Grey Cup, woot woot!). MB resident, BSc and PhD at UofM Undergrad cGPA of 4.06/4.5, Grad cGPA of 4.45/4.5 (OLSAS Calculator: cGPA=3.76, L2=3.9, B3=3.87) LSAT (3x): 157 (July 2019), 156 (Sept 2019), 160 (Oct 2019) Submitted my application in early November. Two strong academic LRs, some decent ECs.
  23. Probably would get better value just watching YouTube videos from law alumni/current students? I have to imagine those exist.
  24. I'm no lawyer, but I believe it means your application has been forwarded to committee for review.
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