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  1. Mine showed the same, except a few days later I noticed my UOtt application had all the application details uploaded, and OLSAS and Ottawa have requested my LSAT score from LSAT. I had sent my transcript, but it hasn't been updated in UOtt app yet. Given that these info are uploaded manually, I won't worry unless it doesn't change after a few more weeks.
  2. Top-right, "Law School Reports", scroll to bottom.
  3. I have submitted applications so far to UOttawa, UofM and Dalhousie (in that order). UOttawa has requested my score, and LSAC suggests the score has been sent. My LSAT score and transcript have not been updated yet on my UOttawa application portal. Dalhousie has requested my LSAT score, but hasn't received it yet. UofM won't be requesting until December. *I hope the fact that UOttawa and Dalhousie have already requested my scores won't affect their ability to see my October LSAT score, which will be released on Nov20. I indicated on my applications that that was the most recent one I wrote.
  4. Powerscore offers free study plans for several month-long durations, obviously based on their study material, but it could be used to judge how to plan your own schedule. I did self-study, as my schedule wouldn't really accommodate classes or tutors. While I think I did sufficiently well to get in, I think studying full-time would have helped to get a higher score, and perhaps using some online courses could have been beneficial as well. If you are doing self-study, I would recommend reading over some material for the basics, and then just get into a routine of full PTs, timed and untimed sections with review, etc. For two weeks, I used LSAT Demon to drill LRs before the October LSAT and I think it made me more comfortable solving them a little quicker.
  5. After submitting my application and receiving confirmation from UOttawa, I checked my submission and found everything was suggested as being not submitted (LSAT, PS, Letters, etc.). I emailed and they said that everything (other than LSAT) is entered manually and may take until end of November to show up. For my UofM application, it states that since I took October LSAT, they will not be requesting scores until mid December. Similarly, I suspect UOttawa may not be requesting until late November/early December. I wouldn't start panicking unless submissions are still missing in late November/early December.
  6. If you received a receipt by email, then everything should have been fine. I know after I submitted my application on Oct 31, my account eventually reverted back to the original menu options that were there for application submission.
  7. Also interested to hear about Ottawa. First time applying, I submitted to Ottawa, but I will also be submitting to several others during November. Interested to know about how long you typically should wait before hearing anything back.
  8. I know there is a spot for Dalhousie application to enter your high school code. UOttawa also requested to know my high school but specifically requested only transcripts from post-secondary institutions. The DalOnline system has a note that they will submit an electronic request for high school transcripts from Nova Scotian students. "If you are a Nova Scotia student, by supplying your Nova Scotia Provincial Student Number below you accept that we will, through the Nova Scotia MyTranscripts system, make an electronic request for your high school transcript.The electronic copy, and any subsequent updates, will be sent to Dalhousie University from a Provincial government database. For further information on MyTranscripts, please refer to mynsfuture.ca/mytranscripts.If you do not want your transcript requested electronically, please contact Dalhousie University at [email protected] or if applying to a program at University of King’s College please contact [email protected]"
  9. Wait, Dalhousie requires high school transcripts? Is that required for any other university?
  10. Copy/pasted and added an extra empty line between paragraphs.
  11. Yeah, turns out my last letter was submitted this morning so I was able to submit it all without any worry! But thanks for clarifying that for anyone else.
  12. Can I submit if everything is set except for one reference letter that is currently in progress?
  13. Wow. Well, it's probably easier to trim your novel down than vice versa!
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