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  1. I met with a Scotiabank representative in my hometown and set up my PSLOC already, even though I intend on moving to Vancouver for UBC.
  2. I do know that a ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat) has shown to improve some pathological and functional outcomes in animal models for pathologies of the central nervous system. Either a fatty diet exerts opposing effects in the healthy or injured CNS, negatively acts in synergy with high sugars, or sugar is in fact the main culprit. It is possible, dare I say a near certainty, that we've been lied to all these years and sugary cereals are not in fact part of a balanced breakfast!
  3. While exercise neurophysiology is not my specialty (neuroscience-background though), there appears to be plenty of evidence that moderate-to-high intensity cardiovascular exercise can directly improve blood flow, growth factor production, neurogenesis and/or neural plasticity in your hippocampus. This can be associated with improved memory retention and cognitive functions. I believe there is also similar pre-clinical research showing a negative impact of high fat/sugary diets (or "Western diet") on hippocampal function, but I'd have to do more reading on the subject to provide any significant insight. For what it's worth, I've also read a recent paper that suggested the same diet can trigger inflammation and other pathological responses in the otherwise healthy spinal cord in rodents, which suggests our diet can have a far greater impact on our long-term health beyond our waistlines or cardiovascular system. Therefore, it's likely best to exercise regularly and cut out those sugary/fatty foods!
  4. I don't think this is something that is unique to law, if it ever did happen. My academic supervisor told me that while she was completing her post-doc at UofT, she knew of someone that actively sabotaged another student's cell cultures by secretly dosing their media with alcohol or something. Not saying its only UofT, but higher levels of education probably attract determined people that may resort to unfavourable ways to get ahead of their peers.
  5. Time for my logical brain and irrational heart fight it out over whether it’s best to move to BC for few or no in-person experiences, or stay home and save nearly half a year in costs. Ugh.
  6. If UBC offers partial in-person/online courses, I wonder if they will still open on-campus residence. I had intended to live on campus, so I'm worried I might have to study in Manitoba or pay extra to live off-campus for just a few in-person courses.
  7. https://globalnews.ca/news/6913377/bc-reopen-schools-amid-covid-19-pandemic/ Seems like they intend to open post-secondary schools in September for mixed in-person and online courses. Hopefully this includes the Faculty of Law!
  8. Hope so. I was looking forward to moving into Green College this Fall πŸ˜”
  9. Following this post for future reference to good advice, but I also agree that fellow 0L should probably take time to relax this summer and not make COVID-19's job any easier by depressing your immune system with stress before even starting law school!
  10. If anything, I'm looking forward to living with one or more fellow law students. Saves money and may help build lasting friendships. Just have to be careful who you choose to live with. That's why I intend to live on campus for the first year, meet people and then see what I can arrange starting in 2L or the preceding summer. However, COVID-19 closure of the university might negatively impact that plan πŸ˜….
  11. While I am 0L, I would guess that it would be more productive to read regular novels that you enjoy, and practice reading large volumes of texts while trying to improve your focus/concentration and comprehension. Better that than to start reading law textbooks and being overwhelmed because everything is new and intimidating.
  12. The second bullet seems the most relevant, no?
  13. I was really looking forward to the social aspect of law school. But if it stays online, I guess I can delay my move to Vancouver and save money on rent. Definitely will get more stressed once winter deep-freeze rolls around again though 😐.
  14. Based on how my graduate work is going while working remotely from home, then 1L might be very rough.
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