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  1. For every Lionel Hutz, there is a Dr. Nick Riviera.
  2. I just want to extend thanks to OP for asking these questions several years ago (as I have the same questions now) and everyone that provided such detailed answers! Sometimes using the search tool pays off!
  3. Luckily there are still two days left in the week! Since they said you'll be getting an offer, I wouldn't sweat it.
  4. Totally agree, but my comment was made mostly in jest. I only used medical school as an example as it was most familiar to me based on my grad program. I'm sure volunteering in a law-related field wouldn't hurt their application, but I'm not personally familiar with any positions as examples.
  5. I agree with your friend. That is why I didn't apply to medical school, because I didn't take the initiative to perform a heart transplant.
  6. If you cancel, then LSAC wins. Never let LSAC win. Unless you're applying to Alberta universities, you have nothing to lose by seeing how she goes.
  7. People were starting to be accepted prior to universities reaching their application submission deadlines. As a 0L with 0 insight into the admissions process, I envision that they review applications based on their submission dates. If you exceed a certain LSAT/GPA threshold, you get an offer immediately or in the first group of offers, and the exceptionally poor applications are similarly rejected. Everyone else might fall into a "possible" pool, that are either put aside before making a decision until a certain internal deadline is reached, or they are made conditional offers/waitlisted.
  8. I am selling a bundle of self-study material (Powerscore 2019). I am located in Winnipeg, but if someone out of province is interested, we can maybe arrange for shipping. I had only ever made light markings in pencil, and I will try to remove all markings prior to sale. The materials are still in great condition. I have a price in mind, but I am willing to negotiate. PM if intertested. Materials include: 1. Powerscore (PS) Logical Reasoning Bible (2019) 2. PS Logic Games Bible (2019) 3. PS Reading Comprehension Bible (2019) 4. PS Logical Reasoning Question Type Training Vol.1 (Preptests 1-20) 5. PS Logic Games Question Type Training (Preptests 1-20) 6. PS Logical Reasoning Bible Workbook (2019) 7. PS Logic Games Bible Workbook (2019) 8. PS Logical Reasoning Flashcards Plus LSAT Preptests: 1. The Official LSAT SuperPrep (3 LSATs + explanations from LSAC) 2. "10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests" Volume V (Preptests 62-71) 3. "10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests" Volume VI (Preptests 72-81) 4. Official LSAT Preptest 82 (Sept 2017) 5. Official LSAT Preptest 83 (Dec 2017) 6. Official LSAT Preptest 84 (June 2018) 7. Official LSAT Preptest 87 (June 2019)
  9. Because I don't currently have a huge priority to work in Toronto, and I hope to enjoy the scenery and lifestyle that is unavailable in the frigid plains of Manitoba.
  10. I've accepted my offer to UBC, but I did decline my offer to UOttawa through OLSAS, but I have offers from UNB/Dal and presumably UofM in near future. Is it better for me to email each of those schools individually?
  11. As someone who has already accepted an offer, I wasn't sure what the best way was to notify the other schools. I know you can decline through OLSAS, but do you just email the other schools' admissions departments indicating that you have accepted an offer from another university?
  12. Yup. Had myself the same experience for another reason. Two separate calls being on hold for 30+ minutes, while endlessly being told I was 5min away from being helped.
  13. Perhaps the admissions office was in a rush on Friday, and only had time to send out one offer to Aaron Aardvarkian (aka. @Lifeisgood )?
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