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  1. also waiting, hoping we hear something soon?
  2. I'm in the exact same boat, hopefully we'll hear back soon?
  3. Congrats!! Did you receive an email or see it via solus?
  4. Hi there! That's a great L2 :). This is my second time applying with a new LSAT score (157), my Masters, and work experience but back when I was finishing undergrad, my stats were VERY similar to yours (3.39 cgpa, 3.6 L2, 152 LSAT) and I got rejected from all schools I applied to (Queens, Western, UofT, Osgoode, Windsor, Ottawa) - but your L2 is better than mine so that may factor in. I would recommend maybe trying another go at the LSAT and try to get that score up to 157+ - then you would have a good shot imo. Good luck!!
  5. Got rejected a while back - no surprise! cgpa 3.39 l2 3.61 lsat 157
  6. Hi! I lived in John Orr for 1 year during my masters and I was on the 15th floor. The view was phenomenal and the laundry was well maintained and clean. The unit itself is very big, I had a 1bd. I didn't have a noise problem whatsoever. You could easily cut through the education building to get to the bus stop - if you want to take the bus down the road to campus. My only complaint is that my unit had a spider problem (I bought raid) and it was one of the ones that was recently renovated with hardwood flooring. Apart from that, I did enjoy living there!
  7. Accepted last week cgpa 3.39 l2 3.61 lsat 157
  8. in queue Jan 14 cGPA 3.39 / LSAT 157
  9. Ree

    Queen's Email

    Ok thanks! I will give them a call
  10. I haven't received my acknowledgement email from Queen's yet.. anyone else in the same boat?
  11. Yep having the exact same problem and its been over 24 hours since I received my email.
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