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  1. in queue Jan 14 cGPA 3.39 / LSAT 157
  2. Ree

    Queen's Email

    Ok thanks! I will give them a call
  3. I haven't received my acknowledgement email from Queen's yet.. anyone else in the same boat?
  4. Yep having the exact same problem and its been over 24 hours since I received my email.
  5. Hi all, I am trying to upload my CV in SAM but it's not uploading or giving any indication of an upload when I select my PDF document. Any ideas what to do? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, Recently, I've decided to tackle my test anxiety over the LSAT and give Law school a second attempt. So I'm hoping to get some advice on what LSAT I should be aiming for to get into an Ontario school. Below I laid out my first attempt (rejections all around) and where I stand today! Thoughts? First Attempt: 1. UBC Undergraduate (BA Political Science and Mathematics), CGPA: 3.39, L2: 3.61, B3: 3.61 2. LSAT: 152 3. ECs: Decent 4. LORs: Decent 5. Work Experience: Retail, Teaching Assistant in UBC in 4th year. 6. BC Resident Today: 1. UBC Undergraduate (BA Political Science and Mathematics), CGPA: 3.39, L2: 3.61, B3: 3.61 2. Queen's University Master of Public Administration (1-year program), GPA: 3.7 3. Ontario Resident 4. Work Experience: 2 years full-time in Ontario Public Service as of today, working as an Analyst in a Privacy Office and Executive Assistant in a Strategy/Results Data Office. 5. LSAT: 152 still stands from my last write in 2015, will be rewriting in September or October this year . So far I have been working through LSAT Trainer and am signed up for HarvardReady 4-month course for the summer (heard great things about Yoni!). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!
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