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  1. Never thought I'd be writing this for this cycle!! But I was accepted this morning! Got the email around 10:30 LSAT: 148 CGPA: 3.66 So surprised and at a loss for words and am seriously wondering if the admissions office forgot to put their glasses on!!
  2. RT!!!! I feel your pain, this wait is getting out of control. Hoping we’ll hear soooon.....?
  3. Under evaluation since November as well. No real hope left... getting ready for next year's application cycle!
  4. was told I was on my second read 3 weeks ago referred to ad com early april haven't heard anything
  5. I really appreciate all the advice- thank you everybody! Will definitely write more PTs this time around and probably get a tutor rather than a class/seminar. Also, saw that the LSAT will be digital for September 2019 ? So will be doing digital PTs as well- not sure if this will help or hinder my studying.
  6. Thank you again for your response! That method sounds like it would work for me, will definitely give it a try and report back.
  7. Great advice- I'm thinking maybe a few sessions with a private tutor might be more beneficial and less costly. I'd done about 10 practice tests before the actual LSAT.
  8. Thank you for your reply! I studied for 3 months leading up to the September 2018 LSAT for ~25-30 hours a week, while working full time at one job and part-time at another on weekends. I spent lots of time revising LR and LG and was scoring 155+ in my practice tests... But from my diagnostic to my actual score, I saw little improvement (145 to 148...) I'm thinking a class-setting might help me instead of self-studying this time around?
  9. Long-time lurker and first-time poster... Applied this round to some Ontario schools (Osgoode, uOttawa, Windsor, and Queen's) and have gotten rejected from 2 schools and am waiting on 2 more (remaining pessimistically optimistic if that makes sense). I know it is my LSAT that is holding me back, but after bombing my first attempt, I am afraid of writing a number of times and having schools average out my score... Here's the info on me: Graduated from uOttawa in April (CGPA: 3.66); have extensive volunteer experience serving meals at summer camps to low-income youth and at the Mission for 6+ years; volunteering with an Indigenous elder for the past year, and volunteering as a research assistant at an organization that focuses on social justice for ~3 years. I also have been working at the government in a policy analyst position for the past 2 years. FINALLY, (I think) my references gave me glowing recommendations, but who can be sure. I am passionate about environmental and Indigenous issues, and included these facts in my PS. LSAT: 148 😠 Any advice on how to make myself stop feeling sorry for myself and buckle down and study? Moreover, I used the PowerScore trilogy last year to study but am thinking of enrolling in an Oxford Seminar 30-hour intensive course OR of hiring a personal tutor. Are these helpful resources or wastes of money? Finding it a struggle to my fears of bombing the LSAT again. Any and all advice/insight into how to improve my score is welcome. Thank you!
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