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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies :3
  2. Hi Everyone, I am an incoming 1L and I have just a few technical questions. 1) What did you guys use as proof of enrolment for your PSLOC applications? The only official documents I have so far seem to be the admissions letter and deposit receipt. 2) Any opinions on Scotiabank over TD? It looks to me like the only difference is the amount, and TD offers $20,000 more, so why would anyone go with Scotia? 3) Does the computer allowance cover iPads, or a surface pro? I plan to use one of these as my main note-taking device for law school. 4) My degree registration status on ACORN is still "invited" even though I submitted my acceptance on OLSAS and paid my deposit fee. Is that the same for all 1Ls rn? 5) Do we report the potential full CESB ($5000 over 4 months) on our financial aid application form? It's a lot of questions, so thanks in advance.
  3. Does anybody have an idea of how the school will look at all new these pass/fail courses? I am talking about for people who have already been accepted. My school is giving us the option to pass/fail any courses we want and I really would just prefer to P/F all 5 of them this semester because I just want to relax at this point. The conditional admissions say I just need to graduate, which I still will be able to do. But they probably haven't thought ahead about this coronavirus situation before. Also, if I need to "just graduate" why do they ask for my transcript for 2nd semester? If anybody else is wondering this too, let me know and I can go ahead and ask admissions for all of us
  4. Hi I am starting 1L at UofT in the fall, and I need to buy a new computer. I want to buy an ipad to carry to classes and a desktop to keep at home. Does anyone see a problem with using an ipad instead of an actual laptop? Thanks in advance.
  5. I got accepted a while back, but I still didn't get my acceptance package because of delivery service issues. Is there anything significant in that package that I need? Or can I just follow the online steps to register for the program? Thanks
  6. Got the call near 4:30 as well GPA: 3.94 LSAT: 169 Last name starts with an A
  7. Accepted GPA: 91% (self-calculated) LSAT: 169 From Ontario
  8. I just received a call today as well. cGPA 3.93/4.00, LSAT 169
  9. Hi I'm an applicant for next year. For those of you who received acceptances this year, what was the deadline to reply to those acceptances? Specifically looking for UVIC, UBC, and U of T Just asking since I may be applying to other graduate programs as well, and I want to see if I have a certain amount of time to decide once I get the acceptances. Thank you
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