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  1. To be honest, I was just getting scared about the gap in my resume and future employability prospects. Perhaps my application just isn't as good as yours haha, but I've really been struggling to get an associate position
  2. Hmm yah fair. I don't have any connections to the legal world, unfortunately, so might just have to suck it up and do the work for a few years, even if I dont fully enjoy it.
  3. Ahh, this seems like a good plan. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Haha, sorry, I was trying to be as vague as possible - but it's a personal injury role.
  5. Hi everyone, I am a 2020 call, and wanted to get people's advice on this issue I am struggling with: I have been offered a job in a litigation-heavy practice area that I have virtually no interest in. 0 courses in law school, 0 alignment with my background, etc. As a new call in this (quite horrible) Ontario job market, I feel like I should just take any offer, but I am scared about being pigeon-holed into this area. I do eventually wanna move away from this practice area and do something completely different (more solicitor-type work, ideally), so I don't know if its a good idea for me to take this position, and learn something, while filling the gaps in my resume, or just keep looking and wait a bit longer. Would love people's advice on lateraling, and how hard it is for someone to completely switch gears into a new practice area. Thanks
  6. Hey! Just wrote the Bar in June - The physical materials were not bound in any way whatsover - literally just ~2,000 printed out pages worth of information. You would likely need to print it all out, but you can decide whether the 2000 pages is cheaper to get printed elsewhere or just suck it up and pay the shipping cost. I found the cheapest printing prices at Staples, but once again, you can be the judge of that :)
  7. Not sure how to bring up the topic of the 10 days we're supposed to get off during Articling with my principals... What's the protocol? Do most people take the time off or not?
  8. I just passed both the Barristers and the Solicitors and used the OLE indices, but honestly, I felt like the Table of Contents was a lot more helpful.
  9. Feeling exactly the same way. Has anyone encountered any "Real-Estate Law 101" type articles/blogs that they would recommend to better understand this material?
  10. I think you should still try to find Articling if you can. I am seeing new positions pop up everyday, so you should at least apply to a few! Also, I believe you can back out of the LPP with all of your money until the first couple of weeks of the program, so you should do it ASAP if you want to avoid any financial consequences! Good luck I know it's hard but hope you make the right decision regardless!
  11. Believe it or not, we're likely not going to get a marriage contract either. My partner is a hopeless romantic and doesn't believe in trying to apportion our future estate based on financial considerations.
  12. Jumping in - but I know a few people who bought it from Emond
  13. Did you use any websites or apps that you can recommend?
  14. I bought the OLE indices, and those came with a sample exam!
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