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  1. Also rejected today. cGPA 3.31 LSAT 153
  2. Same here. I hope we will hear back shortly after the provisional acceptances become firm.
  3. Rejected on June 1. Notified by email. cgpa: 3.31 L2 3.50 LSAT: 153 I was waitlisted last year with the same stats.
  4. Received the Waitlist email today. LSAT: 153 cGPA: 3.31 L2: 3.45
  5. Starting off the Waitlist. cGPA 3.31 LSAT 153 Glad to see movement.
  6. Refused today. No email, just checked uozone. LSAT 153, cgpa 3.31, L2/B2 3.5 Going to try to improve my LSAT score and reapply again next year. As was suggested, I also emailed admissions requesting feedback on my application.
  7. Congratulations that's amazing! Guess there really is hope for us "under evaluation" applicants after all! Did you get an email or just checked uozone?
  8. No it just means they aren't putting us on the wait list or rejecting us yet. It also means more waiting for us.
  9. Thanks for your insight! This seems fairly accurate.
  10. I'm still under evaluation too. Would like to hear back some time this week or the next lol.
  11. Rejected today @ 4:00pm via email CGPA: 3.31 L2: 3.45 LSAT: 153 Strong softs Access Applicant Happy to have been considered!
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