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  1. I think everyone's given great advice. I wanted to say that I struggled a lot with logical reasoning, but felt that "the fox lsat logical reasoning encyclopedia: disrespecting the lsat" helped a lot with bringing my LR score up. I took it on my daily commute and used it to drill types of questions I was uncomfortable with and felt myself getting more confident with the questions as I progressed. The only thing is that it does use past LSAT questions, so I'd cross-check the ones you're PT-ing with and the ones in the book to make sure you're not using the same questions.
  2. Accepted back in February, and didn't make an account until now. Was super worried about my low cGPA, but seems like it turned out alright! cGPA: 3.37 B2: 3.66 LSAT: 166
  3. Accepted April 9th! I rejected my offer, but I wanted to post this for people like me with lower cGPAs and was super worried. cGPA: 3.37 L2: 3.66 LSAT:166
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