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  1. I am currently studying and preparing for my NCA exams and recently got hired by a company that provides immigration advice and services. I will be working under a lawyer as a legal assistant. After I pass the NCA exams, can I article at this company? It is not a registered law firm under the law society, but is authorized to provide immigration legal advice. I looked up who can act as a principal to an articling student and all the conditions seems to be satisfied (no requirement that I must article at a law firm). https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/Website/media/Shared/docs/forms/MS-admissions/admission-info.pdf
  2. A bit of background info about myself. I got a degree from SFU and then went to the UK to study law, completing the LLB, LPC and the first year of a training contract. Due to certain circumstances, I had to return to Vancouver. I had my transcripts assessed and need to take 5 NCA exams, which will take place in August. Meanwhile I would like to get work experience. Any advice on which jobs I should be looking for or which firms are willing to hire me?
  3. Looking for up-to-date textbooks for the following NCA exams: Canadian Administrative Law Canadian Constitutional Law Canadian Criminal Law Foundations of Canadian Law Canadian Professional Responsibility Thanks!
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