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  1. Do they look at a CGPA in this case since I'm approaching my fifth+ year of study at UofT (undergrad)? I'm not sure if the whole three full years formula is applicable in my case.
  2. Though my cGPA is 3.70, I have a very rough transcript, with multiple LWDs and WDRs in first semester of my third year and reduced course loads throughout my undergrad years due to extenuating health and personal circumstances. I was also in life sciences before switching to social sciences, so I'm trying to figure out if I should make a solid attempt at five credits this academic year and aim for a 4.0 in all of them to "prove" that I can handle a rigorous course load and still succeed. The thing is, I'm not sure if I can or should give the course I took a shot at and had to LWD from in first semester is one of the courses I should attempt again this year. I'd really appreciate some advice on this decision. Also, how would law schools calculate my GPA if I don't have the traditional full course load just yet, especially since I've switched my majors drastically? Should I just be going with my cGPA as an accurate metric of what law schools will likely look at?
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