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  1. Congratulations!! Very exciting! Did you receive an email?
  2. How were you both notified? Congratulations!!! What a great way to start off the week.
  3. This is all so confusing. What does that mean for people on the waitlist then? I don't understand the point of keeping people "Under Evaluation", unless they might be added to the waitlist? Unless what they are saying is that they just haven't had the time to update the status of everyone's file... But it seems like that could be done in a few hours? I really feel for those of you who haven't heard any updates yet. The waitlist is hard enough, so I can't imagine how frustrating it is to have heard NOTHING. Thinking of all of you!
  4. Waitlisted as well! Saw the notification on UOzone for Dual and regular JD. CGPA: 3.5 L2/B2: 3.7 LSAT: 157 Access
  5. Lots of options are available on Kijiji and the Queen's Off-Campus Housing Facebook page
  6. I wonder if at this point the process is still holistic or if they are solely choosing candidates to fill the vacated spots based on GPA and LSAT scores
  7. Can someone explain how the wait list works if it isn’t ranked? I don’t understand how they choose people to make offers to?
  8. Also just received a waitlist notification. Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  9. Also waitlisted! Pleased and flattered to be given the chance at admission. Does anyone know how they pull from the waitlist if it isn't ranked? And also when they start doing so? LSAT 157 L2/B2 3.7 Strong ECs/LOR and PS tailored to Queen's. Best of luck to everyone!
  10. Has anyone spoken with admissions lately and received a useful update or info about the rest of their decisions?
  11. Just an update for anyone wondering, I spoke with Rose today and she told me that anyone who has not received an interview offer can expect a rejection as the remaining acceptances will be pulled from those who are being interviewed or who are already wait listed. Best of luck to those of you with upcoming interviews!
  12. I agree. I feel bad for admissions in a way because I'm sure they're getting bombarded with calls. I understand that they may not be able or willing to discuss specifics over the phone, but it would be nice if they could at least provide those of us who are still waiting with a timeline or a little more personalized information, given that it is June. I felt that when I called I was very brief and super nice, and I could tell the woman I spoke with was so irritated that I was calling. I get it, they're busy and tired of repeating themselves, but we've also paid money to apply and I don't think a quick update is a lot to ask for when it's been months of silence for some of us.
  13. Has anyone actually received a timeline from them? They told me they are working as fast as they can but didn't actually say when everyone will be notified of their final decisions
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