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  1. Hey! I have a beautiful one bedroom apartment available for rent or lease take over as of September 1st. I could also negotiate a mid-month rental. The lease would last until May 31, and go month to month after that. It’s right downtown and a 10 minute walk to the law building. Message me for more details and pictures!
  2. Waitlisted today at 3 PM LSAT 158, CGPA 3.4, B2/L2 3.7. Over 2 years work experience in a law firm and great references
  3. I am also still under evaluation. I understand that COVID has slowed things and they have a very high volume of applicants, but this is getting ridiculous. At this point many of us have paid a fee to have our applications assessed, and now we're past the OLSAS deadline to firm accept other schools yet still have not heard a thing from Ottawa. I personally feel lucky that I have an out of province acceptance, but it doesn't seem right to leave people so long with no word at all when classes start in September.
  4. I am in a similar situation! My partner and I are in Kingston (ON), and our lease isn't up until the Spring. Regardless, we will have to sort that out, but aren't sure of the best time to make the move. I'm so excited but also nervous about making the move in the Winter when it's so miserable out. Then again, an August move doesn't give us much time to sort out the details. Basically, we have no idea what we're doing haha.
  5. I just received my acceptance and am thrilled, but am now, like many others, faced with figuring out the logistics of a big move during COVID. My partner and I live in Ontario and are unsure of when to come to Sask, or where to live. We were looking at Graduate House, but aren't sure if this is a better option than renting. The pros in my mind are that everything is set up and included, which could make for an easier move. Based on my understanding, this option would only be available if we were to move in for the Fall. We have also been looking at rentals, but aren't sure of the best areas to rent in. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! I'd love to hear about what others are doing
  6. Rejected. 158 and 3.7 B2 2 years work experience at a law firm, Queen’s grad, great LORs and EC’s. Also work at the university. Best of luck to anyone still waiting!
  7. Accepted at 4:38 am (EST) today. LSAT 158, CGPA 3.4, B2/L2 3.7. Over 2 years work experience in a law firm and great references Minor Sask connection. I will be accepting (deadline to accept is July 10). This is my third year in a row applying to schools around the country and my first acceptance ever. I was starting to lose hope, so this is a reminder to everyone still waiting to be patient, take care of yourself, and trust the process. Your time will come! Good luck to all of you still waiting.
  8. My stats are almost identical to your's and I'm also still waiting.
  9. I am still waiting (special category) as well: 158 LSAT and 3.4 CGPA, 3.7 B2
  10. I am under evaluation and got the email. Got my hopes up for a second there lol
  11. Sorry to hear that! Fingers crossed you will be accepted elsewhere this cycle
  12. I completed just before Thanksgiving. Good luck !
  13. Got the email yesterday: 158 and 3.4 CGPA, 3.7 B2 2 years working in a law firm, lots of ECs. Good luck to everyone else waiting!
  14. I thought the same, I even called them to confirm
  15. Has anyone else been waitlisted? Waitlisted December 13 with a 158 and 3.4 CGPA, 3.7 B2
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