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  1. My university just made our Fall 2020 grades "official". Is there a way to send them to Ontario schools so they can factor into GPA calculations? Thanks.
  2. I think you are mixing up 2020 and 2021 haha. Cant blame you I still keep thinking its 2020 too
  3. I don't feel confident dong 3 sections and then scaling my score as if it was a 4 section test because the LR might have been of unequal difficulty and skewed my results. Is there a service where I can practice 3 section flex tests that reliably reflect the score? I think 7sage has something like this but it costs quite a bit b/c it includs all the prep and lessons as well which I dont need. tl:dr: Can I buy premade flex tests to practice on?
  4. Hmmm, i dont think we needed to upload id to LSAC to register, we just uploaded a photo. Also every Service Ontario in the province is closed, but a appreciated suggestion.
  5. I dont have a passport or drivers license (long story). However I have an OHIP card. As per the LSAC requirements (https://www.lsac.org/lsat/taking-lsat/lsat-test-center-admission-requirements/identification-accepted-lsat-admission) a valid ID must contain ,a recent and recognizable photo of you, your first name, your last name, your date of birth. My health card contains all of this. However this may seem foreign to the proctor so I wonder if anyone has experience using a OHIP card for the flex test.
  6. Oh Okay. Well hopefully the schools do take a look at our transcripts and get the full picture like they say.
  7. Yeah. Im at UW too lol. I have done co-op's in both Winter term and in Spring term (the traditional school terms) and as far as I can tell my grades all counted equally. None were counted as half.
  8. Huh. Did SAM confirm this is correct? While i didnt have any half credits, i did have some courses put in the wrong years. Not a big deal.
  9. Im a coop student too, but all my grades seem to have been weighted equally. Can you elaborate on what your OLSAS is showing in regard to your grades?
  10. They seem to be the only school that straight up says they dont care about/look at LOR's. have they ever said why this is the case?
  11. Oh okay they didnt post that in the actual OUAC application for that section. Good to know. Thanks.
  12. I dont think Windsor looks at resume's. Correct me if im wrong.
  13. Where do they suggest providing corroborating documentation? I filled out the optional essay too but didnt see this?
  14. I keep seeing people on here reference their "OLSAS GPA" on here. I submitted/paid my application 2 days ago and my transcript is showing as "received", but I dont see any where I can see my GPA. I am aware I can self calculate my GPA using their table, but I am curious where everyone is seeing OLSAS calculated GPA?
  15. Thanks! How do you know for sure that its allowed though? I literally couldn't find anything on this?
  16. I wanted to finally submit and pay for my law school applications. One of my references has been sent the form, but not completed it yet. They said they will do so later this week. However I want to complete my payment ASAP to allow a few business days in case of any issue. My question is if they fill out the reference form after I pay will their reference still be included in my application to law schools? Found nothing about this question on OUAC. Thanks.
  17. Believe the request goes out after payment, and you only need to request by nov 1, its okay if it actually arrives after that
  18. I dont think you even have the option to upload a resume (or any document for that metter) at any ontario school other than ryerson
  19. Im am filling out my PS's on OLSAS. Are they also due on Nov 1 with thehh rest of my app or can they be submitted after?
  20. Im currently signing up to write the April LSAT. Im getting a prompt to buy one of two packages that includes one LSAT, one LSAT Writing, CAS, and one/six Law School Report. First of all, whats the difference between getting "one LSAT" and "one LSAT writing". Secondly do I need these reports for applying to Canadian law schools?
  21. I go to U of Waterloo. My grades are all percentages out of 100%. I have looked around and not found any definitive responses to this question. LSAC offers this conversion chart: https://www.lsac.org/applying-law-school/jd-application-process/jd-application-requirements/academic-record#grade-table But according to that, I may as well not apply to the US schools because they have a much harsher conversion for % grades than OLSAS. like according to that someone with an 89% Cgpa (very competitive in Canada) would have only a measly 3.3...
  22. Hey, just out of curiosity, how did you calculate your cGPA?
  23. Im wondering if I am screwed for getting into law school. Basically I went to engineering at UWaterloo which is notoriously hard. That combined with me not being passionate about it left me with a GPA of 72% after 3 semesters (all of first year and half of second year). I also failed a course. Since then, I switched into what I was minoring and am way more passionate about which was Legal Studies. Since then I have been doing a lot better academically but my gpa has only gone up to a 78.5%. In 4th year ill probably continue to get similar marks and my gpa might crack 80%. I know some schools look at last 2/best 2, but im not sure if because my cgpa is so low I will have trouble with admissions. I also did the lsat and got a 163. Also does anyone know how law schools actually calculate L2/B2? From what I hear they are just sent the raw cgpa. Im asking because im also in co-op which means I have done semesters over summer (which apparently some law schools schools look down on which seems like bs cause these terms were no different than any other term in terms of courseload/difficulty. I also have taken some random single courses over my co-op's so im not sure how that will play in to admissions. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Thanks
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