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  1. I did a course but it didn't increase my PT scores at all, so I switched to the Powerscore Bibles and found their methods worked much better for me.
  2. I got in with a 3.35, 3.61, and a 170. Western doesn't seem to fuss over CGPA too much.
  3. Waitlisted yesterday, May 28th. 3.35/170 A little bit bummed but at least glad to be out of the in queue hell!
  4. Sure! So I took time off from work which was incredibly valuable. My job at the time was a 50-ish hour workweek, so I was pretty used to that type of work schedule. The time off plus the winter holidays gave me five or six full weeks of just studying before the exam. What really improved my stamina was that I was built up to 2 PTs and bible chapters in smaller increments. I was already used to doing about an hour of studying per day before I really cracked down, so bit by bit during those five or six weeks I added another PT section or bible chapter until the test. UVic didn't offer me any scholarships, but I also didn't apply for any and I only applied there literally the night applications closed (January 15). I hadn't applied before because I didn't have competitive stats. But I felt pretty good after the test (January 13), so I cobbled an application together super quickly. I didn't look into scholarships at UVic at all because I really didn't have the time.
  5. On Western's website they advise that the incoming students not sign leases until the school announces a firm decision about online/in-person. I can't see any higher education returning to in-person instruction until they can reopen residences. I know that residences don't really apply to law schools, but I don't think that the universities will open only for specific faculties.
  6. Sure - I completely changed everything about how I was studying, but I think the single thing that made the biggest difference was increasing my mental stamina. While studying for my first two tests and during the tests themselves, I had a really really tough time focusing and felt really defeated by the time I reached the third section. I knew that I wouldn't be getting in with my numbers, and I knew that the January test was my last shot for this cycle, so I had a real do-or-die attitude towards it. I re-started my studying late November and I didn't crack 160 until late December, which was when I began drilling 1.5-2 PTs per day on top of a few Powerscore Bible chapters. By test day I was consistently PTing 168-174 range. So I would say that my best advice is figure out your biggest weakness and aggressively tackle it - and it doesn't necessarily need to be a section or question type.
  7. Hey OP - I had pretty much the same grades (CGPA 3.35; L2 3.61) and a 170 LSAT. I was accepted to Queen's, Western, Ryerson, UVic, Dal and UNB. I was rejected from UofT, am still waiting to hear from Osgoode, and withdrew myself from consideration at Ottawa. Also, my 170 was my January re-write, up from a 159 and 158 in July and October. So there's still tons of hope for Ontario if you can get a good LSAT - especially if you get that score before applying and not right at the end of the cycle like I did.
  8. If I remember correctly, rejections took more than one day in the past, while acceptances and waitlists occurred on one day each.
  9. Thanks - I might head out west too, to UVic. I didn't get a chance to visit before the coronavirus shut everything down, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do now.
  10. 3.55/170 I applied with a 159 and didn't get the 170 to January, plus I didn't write the optional essay. Bummed but at least there's a global pandemic to distract me.
  11. According to past LS Accepted/Waitlisted threads: 2019: 2 people were accepted off the waitlist 2018: 0 people were accepted off the waitlist 2017: 2 people were accepted off the waitlist 2016: 1 person was accepted off the waitlist
  12. By shutting down, I mean closing the office and going to mandatory work from home. It's not fearmongering or over-the-top to say that the biglaw firms will be doing so soon, if not already. My firm is going to mandatory work from home as of tomorrow.
  13. Lowly 0L in admin at a litigation boutique on Bay Street. So far we've gotten the same spiel as Grey, but I think we're headings towards work from home by the end of next week. The lawyers are set up for it already, as well as some of the support staff. I've heard some rumors about McCarthy's shutting down? I'd imagine once one firm here closes, they all will.
  14. I think at this point, wave 3 acceptances are done and we're waiting for waitlists or rejections. I just scanned through the last few years worth of Accepted threads, and this is the data I collected for myself. Should be fairly accurate, but I wasn't planning on sharing it and I don't have time to double check it right now so pls don't kill me if I messed up: 2019 Third wave - 8 acceptances in 1 day 2018 Third wave - 5 acceptances in 1 day 2017 Third wave - 8 acceptances in 1 day 2016 Third wave - 2 acceptances in 1 day And then each year they've taken a short break before waitlists, and then another short break before rejections.
  15. Accepted yesterday, Monday March 9th according to RAMSS. CGPA: 3.35 LSAT: 170 Will be rejecting soon! Good luck to everyone still waiting!!
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