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  1. @Simpson I've yet to hear anything from Osgoode too. A reminder that law schools review applications until the end of June. So, there is still the possibility of hearing from Osgoode within the next month or so. In short, DON'T LOSE HOPE!
  2. @Matureplus I applied to the same schools and have also not heard back. I'm staying hopeful until the end of June! Fingers crossed for us!!!
  3. @nss1 You have to submit your final transcript (which includes your W2019 grades) to OLSAS by June 30, 2019! Not sure what the process is if you did not apply through OLSAS, though.
  4. Went into queue March 15. Haven't heard anything yet.
  5. I was referred to ad comm at the beginning of March. I called Mid-April to ask for an update and they said they had not even done my first reading yet.
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