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  1. Anyone hear from Daoust Vucovich? And Minden gross, but their applications only closed yesterday.
  2. You’d have gotten in general with those stats. Congratulations
  3. It's laughable that you have so many people telling you their actual experiences in law school and you're refusing to acknowledge them. Of course people may think otherwise, humans are free to think what they want. But I can assure you the vast majority don't give a hoot about what you are doing during an exam. They are focused on themselves.
  4. Both Matthews and Filion did OCIs this year
  5. I have a classmate who writes in the accommodated room because they have a health issue which could be disruptive to other students, nobody even realized he wrote in a different room until our small group exam which was one of the last. People don't care.
  6. You're fine assuming your L2 hasn't dropped significantly.
  7. Ok dude. Nobody in my law school gives a crap what colour or religion you are or even which way you put your toilet paper on the stand.
  8. The Western campus is very diverse and anyone who acts like it isn't hasn't ever left the GTA.
  9. London is fine. People who think it's a small town have never ventured outside the GTA.
  10. I know you guys are nervous (trust me, I remember it like it was yesterday), but it's probably not the best to call them asking these things at this stage in the process. There is not a predetermined date for when rounds of offers go out, at least not a public one.
  11. Has anyone who has interviewed with any of the firms hiring gotten a PFO?
  12. Ha, I just got my third scam call of the day after reading this
  13. This comment made me think that "commitee" was a word and I was messing up by only using "committee" for my entire life.
  14. General, direct, nothing absolutely amazing (Mostly average) but I’d say there was something that was a little unique. I think ECs matter less than people believe. The important thing is showing the school you’re someone who wants to practice law and attend that specific school through a well-written application.
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