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  1. Anyone got one they don't mind sharing?
  2. Very good chance. I got in with lower everything in 2018.
  3. Just to add, they may also add gradebook to the OWL page and have your grade there.
  4. You will get in somewhere. I don't think you need to retake. If you do worse then it depends on the school, but most will take your best. Schools don't care if you deregister.
  5. seconding this - I know people with far lower GPAs who had sub 160 LSATs, don't sweat it.
  6. I truthfully don't think this is your best case and I'm not just trying to pump your tires - it is definitely possible to get in earlier. Work had on your personal statements and you might not have to worry about a waitlist.
  7. Definitely not impossible. I know people who were waitlisted with similar GPAs/L2s and lower LSATs. I personally got in with slightly higher GPA/L2 but lower LSAT.
  8. Nope - I should mention I still maintained a full course load as I overloaded in the next semester each time.
  9. I had 4 and had no problem getting into various Ontario schools. My GPA and LSAT were close to the median for Western specifically.
  10. The user you’re replying to is 0L if that helps shed light on their intentions.
  11. 3.66 isn't a low GPA lol. You will be fine for Dal and likely UBC if you think your LSAT score is high enough that you're considered a splitter.
  12. They are giving you the opportunity to give an update to help make their decision easier. Would you prefer to have them think you don’t care enough to come to our school?
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