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  1. Got in a couple years ago with 3.4, 3.7, 164
  2. Has anyone heard from the firms that hire after the formal recruit? (Blaney, Robins Appleby, Singleton Reynolds, WeirFoulds etc?
  3. As someone who went to the final stretch last night and ended up without an offer, my biggest worry is that one day someone is going to kill themselves because of this process. As someone who has (mostly) lurked this forum since my third year of undergrad, I know that every time I see BQ’s name I’m going to be reading the words of someone who is full of insecurity that enjoys putting other people down.
  4. Since we’re sharing stories. 29 applications, 9 OCIs, 2 in-firms (one of which didn’t give me an ITC when other people got one). I made it to day 3 with the firm that didn’t ITC me, but no offer. I wish the process was over for me, this whole thing has been brutal and really sucked, but if I made it that far then I’m sure it’ll happen somewhere. At least it won’t be as intense now.
  5. As others have said a million times, reach out to the head of recruitment.
  6. Anyone got advice for someone who may or may not have fallen asleep and received a call back email (at about 10pm) that I just responded to now (about 12:15am)? The time they offered didn’t work with me, I imagine they’ll be okay to schedule in the morning?
  7. It’s likely a standard email they send
  8. What if the receptionist is a morning person? Should I turn back the clock and say good morning?
  9. This is odd, considering their instagram/twitter hashtags are always WesternU
  10. Nothing.. I called Ms Payne and got a voicemail message saying she’s on Vacation until the 29th 😂
  11. If a firm tries to call in nothing will happen on your end until your current call is over, then is should immediately ring once you hang up. On their end the phone will ring until you decline the call or pick it up
  12. It forces your phone to keep ringing until they hang up or you answer.
  13. If you don’t receive a call tomorrow you have been PFOed
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