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  1. What about something along the lines of "When I spoke to your articling student Erica, she mentioned a time where she received one-on-one support from the firm. The firm's commitment to blah blah blah excited me because?"
  2. Hi Everyone, Throughout networking with students in preparation of the upcoming recruit I've been fortunate enough to have some associates and students speak very candidly about some [good] things that have happened to them in their firm. The kind of things that make you want to work somewhere. What are everyone's thoughts on specifically mentioning these stories in a cover letter as a reason you want to work at the firm? With the individual's permission of course. I intend on being light on the actual details, so no more than a sentence dedicated to the story, but citing it as a reason I want to work there because it reflects some quality I believe the firm has Thank you, and to those applying, good luck with the recruit!
  3. I scored 151 on my diagnostic and got 164 on the actual thing, and even higher on other practice exams. I started in early July and wrote in September. I studied for about 5 hours a day (with weekends off aside from bi-weekly practice exams).
  4. I might tag on this thread as well - maybe there should be a mega-thread for this.. I go to Western. Constitutional = A- Criminal = B+ Corporate, Torts, Contracts, Property, Legal Research Writing and Advocacy = B Everything is worth 5 credits except for Corporate (4) and LRWA (3). The average comes out to just over 76.5, so a high B. I guess I'm kind of worried because my two higher grades are in Criminal and Constitutional, but I don't have an interest in Criminal law. Also a little worried I didn't quite get the magic B+ average. I'm primarily going to be applying broadly to full-service firms in Toronto for OCIs and I believe I can demonstrate interest in other practice areas through my resume & cover letter. Thoughts?
  5. I'd say its a 50/50 split on whether they live alone or not. I lived in an area that typically has many law/graduate students, didn't really benefit me in any way.
  6. Should I be worried about firms who don't send a confirmation email for open house RSVPs, or should I just assume that because I've sent an email I'm okay?
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