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  1. i am not sure which level gov and which province, but maybe you can find something similar to Ontario's Info-Go or the federal GEDS where you can search for most public servants' contact info
  2. i'm sorry to hear this. but i'm sure you are on your way to having that moola given your profession so good luck.
  3. you can donate it all. my goal in life is to become a lawyer on $800k salary or marry a well paid lawyer who will join me in fighting wealth inequality. sincerely SJW
  4. Wow, you paid off >100k debt before you were a 3rd yr call? That’s really impressive!
  5. There is this kind of worker in every discipline, I guess even in high stress legal profession too? You should have introduced him to lawstudents.ca, he’d have quickly established himself as a cynical regular who can’t spend another lawyering day without checking this forum for some kind of social interaction
  6. This thread is turning out to be real sad
  7. I was just wondering if there were any other selling point to U of T, aside from increased chances at landing biglaw/bay st. jobs (which I don't care for at all). It seems there isn't any. But suppose there is; I was also curious how long it might take to pay down a UofT-esque debt for a non-bay st lawyer (yes, I realize many factors play into this, and I guess I could run the numbers myself, but I am feeling lazy and it's interesting to hear anecdotes). @Deadpool Your friends who make half of what you make are buying homes instead of having to worry about debt, but your earning potential as a lawyer, 10, 20, 30 years down the road is probably much higher than that of your friends...? Even non-biglaw starting salaries for lawyers seem very competitive to me.
  8. So.. is U of T really only ideal for 1) rich people whose parents/partners/whatever will foot the bill; 2) bay st/biglaw hopefuls? Is there anyone who went to U of T, racked up over $100k debt, didn't go into biglaw, but still survived? i.e. have no regrets about school choice, did not drown in debt, etc. Hypothetically speaking, if one were admitted broadly, would it be foolish to consider this school if paying full price, getting no help from family, and zero interest in biglaw
  9. i agree, but to each his own. at least it's not your tragedy
  10. disagree. most people i know and work with IRL are very humble and do not think this way. i am not sure what kind of people you surround yourself with, but what you claim above does not sound healthy.
  11. you and the lot are the reason things like trades and colleges get a bad rep. guy went to college while i went to LAW SCHOOL, he must not have worked hard enough! your problem is that you were in the humanities. they tend to think rather lowly of anyone who ends up in places like law school/business school etc. just start hanging around ruthless b-school kids, nobody will bat an eyelash or accuse you of selling your soul to the devil for wanting to become a lawyer.
  12. yes -- maybe with the exception of your future mother in law -- except most likely the relationship won't last so no mother in law.
  13. find a tandem partner // meetup.com french conversations // alliance francaise // french speaking gf/bf
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