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  1. Let's suppose this young person KNOWS he wants to go to law school, fine. How is my advice terrible? I recommend him to look into coop. Neither schulich nor Queen's has coop. AFAIK these are two of the "hardest" biz programs. P.s. Kissing law goodbye, perhaps, might not be the end of the world lmao but off-topic.
  2. @providence thanks for the insight. my partner is a lawyer and it's really turning out to be a challenge. i'm usually alone most of the time. i don't know how it's going to work when we actually have kids.
  3. For some of us it's harder to get a 3.9 in LGBT degrees (I'm guessing this means humanities) compared to, say, business. OP - i'd choose any program with a co-op option. School name means shit (as someone who picked the top school I am full of regrets). Enjoy undergrad, go make friends, try different workplaces through co-op, make some money, and in your third/fourth year you might realize you don't give a shit about law school or lawyers. If you still do, then start thinking about prepping for LSAT.
  4. This is too subjective of a question. Depends on what kind of people you surround yourself with. IMO cool people don't give a shit and treat you the same. Cool yet kind of judgmental people would not be impressed unless you work for legal aid where you make relatively little but you help the little guys. The rest plebs would be impressed af and think you so smart and so successful and so diligent and gonna be rich soon (if you are not already) and wonder if you are single
  5. ..you are not alone in that feeling
  6. sounds like you are not sure about either. i don't think you should expect randoms on the internet to help make this important decision for you, esp given the scant info you provided
  7. That sounds amazing, thanks for sharing!
  8. I am a lowly newbie here and have no reason to defend any of the regulars who hang here 24/7 and provide useful advice (aside: I wonder how they find the time in between all that lawyering but that's off-topic lol). Anyway, you're making a pretty strong assumption there; have you actually visited forums for some other disciplines? I lurk in various boards and I can confidently tell you that what you wrote above is simply not true. 😄 That's great advice but please don't assume @Iyaiaey drives
  9. Is that true for the most excellent legal aid attorneys too.. (Btw I totally agree with what you are saying.)
  10. What other purpose could there really be, I wonder..
  11. I am in the same situation as you - just curious, what is your background? Fingers crossed for both of us
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