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  1. there are also counsels who work as solicitors for gov ministries (e.g. environment, international trade, indigenous affairs..). they'd be doing things like drafting legislation, going over contracts, etc. pay is the same as those in litigation. i work for the government, in a law adjacent position. i work with counsels often, and i've not come across this 'culture of slacking off and delivering sub standard work'. you'd be surprised..
  2. Globe article from yesterday related to OP: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-why-are-there-still-so-few-black-lawyers-on-bay-street/
  3. totally agree, and not limited to the legal profession. but in general i think optics matter slightly less in the government. i'm in a law-adjacent job and work in the same office as many gov lawyers. and let me tell you, some are a true eyesore (e.g. poorly fitted pants, ugly dad sandals), while others always look very sharp and put together. but i know these people get paid more or less the same, and nobody really cares. so there's some freedom there in terms of attire. of course when there are clients to meet or impt meetings everyone would be dressed appropriately. i'd guess that optics matter a bit more in the private sector, particular on bay st...?
  4. the only difference being that they get paid to do that while you don't
  5. i thought international students pay about 2x domestic fees, but after taking a quick glance at the uoft graduate fee schedule i am shocked (i saw one program that costs $15k/yr for domestic students --> $60k/yr for international students).
  6. i haven't completely made up my mind yet. tbh i come here now mostly for the pandemic thread, i think it's informative. edit: @Eeee, sorry for what i wrote, i really should just lurk rather than post as i don't have anything to contribute, it is true. i would edit what i wrote but quincy already quoted me. sorry!
  7. the one who sounds the most butthurt out of all here is eeee tho. sounds like someone picked the wrong profession. as for someone else who asked, why not leave -- if someone gave me a big law job and i had a >100k debt i would not be able to say fuck this yall i'm out
  8. are you sure you didn't mean to write 'strange' over 'strong'? i only say this as i just clicked on your profile and you have an 'about me' section that reads: "a very strange person"
  9. some people in charge of hiring are psychos themselves and won't mind
  10. nobody cares about csc save for the unfortunate people who wasted their time and money on this 'designation'
  11. what are 'well known' government ministry/agencies, are there obscure ministries too i have also seen the odd bond/leicester grads at boutiques focussing on complex/high-stakes litigation (more up pzabby's alley, maybe), but they seemed more like an anomaly tbh. obviously there will be some bond success stories, as there will be some UofT law #fail stories. but i don't think bond makes sense for a lot of people. personally, if i can't manage to get into TRU, UNB, Lakehead etc., i'd take that as a sign and look for another path in life. or give one last try at improving my stats rather than going abroad.
  12. i was going to respond to your original comment by saying, hey, bond grads can make partner too - but then i saw your edit. btw there are five associates listed, four have foreign degrees. if i were a bond or leicester grad i'd prioritize such firms
  13. nvm my comment, maybe you were being sarcastic
  14. OP if i were in your shoes i'd go to western. a question to anyone who knows: if you're a law student at western, are you also able to take some courses at ivey? when i was a grad student at uoft i was able to take x-listed courses at uoft law as well as at rotman, wonder if this is possible there?
  15. i think students care about rankings partly because they do not know what they want, where they see themselves, etc. since they don't really know what they want, might as well aim for the 'prestigious' firms, because, well, prestige is really their only metric. and as a student/jr. associate you're probably going to be working long hours anywhere you go. so if i'm going to end up hating my life anyway, might as well do it at a prestigious firm that at least feeds me vs one that doesn't. (p.s. i don't care about rankings at all. what matters to me is finding a great mentor like uriel - but no ranking can help with this, you just gotta be lucky i guess.)
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