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  1. You can ask people here? They are real lawyers in real law firms doing real lawyer stuff. You can also use a search function and read past threads. I have learned a lot by doing that. If 'volunteering' is your goal you can volunteer at places in your community that need real volunteers, not at some law firm.....
  2. I am not sure what the deal is with @Eeee, whose posts I've found helpful in certain threads, and in others, quite rude and unnecessary. Maybe he has bad days at work very often. I have no idea. Going back on topic.. I've seen people with 77% ish grades get into law schools (with good LSAT scores obviously), and the community college past should be a non-issue. But I guess it also depends on whether the OP has his/her mind set on Osgoode/UofT or other schools.
  3. I asked as most renumeration related threads on this board are usually about Toronto/big law, i.e. "is it true firm x on bay st increased their articling salary by x / what does this mean for the 1st year associate salary / will other bay st firms follow etc. etc." I couldn't care less.. I am curious of the rest, but of course I would never try to get someone to divulge info they are wary of sharing!
  4. No, but I also don't want my lawyer to be the kind of person who offers pointless snide remarks that are of no help to the question at hand.
  5. but what if i don't like travelling, no summer plans, i don't watch tv, movies or care for sports. what do i talk about? i guess there is that one socially inept weirdo in every office
  6. @setto @Diplock Okay I should have phrased my post better. I didn't mean to make sweeping statements, that all corporate lawyers are greedy money-grubbing pig capitalists. I was criticizing people I've come across who claim they didn't go into this field for money, when they have very little passion in the subject matter (i.e. some weird self consciousness about money being the deciding factor). Anyway moving on... I feel I contributed much to derailing the original topic, which was about 'being the best', not about corporate lawyers. Sorry!
  7. @setto do you work in a big firm environment and can perhaps provide a different perspective? i think eeee said s/he does, and maybe s/he doesn't have a meaningful connection to partner, family, friends etc. and is just speaking from experience *shrug* anyway, i don't think there's anything wrong with corporate lawyers liking $ either. a lot of people want to make more money if possible, not just these people. i think there's something wrong with people claiming they're in it for 'getting to work on the largest transactions and not for the $', when they'd prob be out the door if their pay was legal aid level.
  8. The hours can be crushing outside of big law so what you brought up was not really a good argument. That's all I meant.
  9. It is also not fair to say that articling outside of big law does not come with crushing hours. I am genuinely interested to know how many people would stick with big law for their love of large transactions and all things corporate , if big law pay was mediocre.
  10. What is an MGA? Are you ready to pay almost $50k for a 'professional degree' no one has ever heard of outside of the MGA faculty and students at the University of Toronto (I had to google it myself). You mention that graduates from this program seem to be all over the place, that's another red flag. The best job you could get after graduating from this program is probably a government job. If you get a JD, you can either practice law or switch to policy. Unless you are passionate about public policy, I would go for JD.
  11. Thanks for sharing. This sounds really great. I would take a 70k job where I enjoy going to work and am treated with respect than start out making 2x that in a toxic environment with soul sucking hours that rob me of my life. Earning potential is good and $$ will come with time and experience.. I don't think anyone here has to worry about that. But the other things in my life (health, gf etc) I might lose and never get em back!
  12. The newest condos in the heart of Toronto have units starting at <300 sq. ft (going for >$500k right now). 350 sq. ft is not bad 😂
  13. How does everyone deal with this work vs. family/personal life issue? I am especially curious about the initial years for those who entered the profession a bit later in life (I figure working crazy hours would be less of an issue if you are in your mid 20s than say, in your 30s/40s..)
  14. wow. just wow. i am having indigestion reading this.
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