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  1. Why don't you do 3 or 4 diagnostic tests, a couple days apart, and then see if your scores are consistent? Then, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses based on an aggregate of data rather than a single value. This method might best eliminate your concerns.
  2. I'll leave that up to the readers to decide. As Louis CK says, "you don't get to decide if you're an a***ole. Other people get to decide that." I will leave it to the learned forum members to decide on this. To clarify, I was an executive of an e-sports gaming club. During my undergraduate studies, I increased membership by over 400% and networked with international sponsors to solicit funding for our on-campus events. I am also currently a member of one of two competing e-sports organizations at my new university and have brought a lot to the table this year. Despite COVID-19, our club is flourishing. As for your "comical" adjective used to describe my ECs list, I find that silly and spiteful. The bleeding hearts movement that has precipitated in this thread made many assumptions about my personal/family/ethnic status. No one asked me how many dependents I support, and no one asked me what my financial situation was in years previous.
  3. This won't be possible as my family and I already ate the food we received.
  4. Absolutely I used a food bank while saving $40k in cash, pursuant to the "means test" at my local foodbank. Any other questions?
  5. I worked full-time at a fast food restaurant for two years prior to attending law school. I did not drink any alcohol, I used the local Tim Hortons WiFi and I relied on my city's food bank. I managed to save enough to pay for 2/3 of my law school tuition. I relied on OSAP and bursaries for the rest.
  6. Just heard back from my firm (medium size, not Bay St). I am keeping the job, they are not cancelling any summer student positions. I will hear back in two weeks about any changes to the May 4, 2020 start date. They know an in-firm summer student position would be ideal, but currently have all staff working remotely.
  7. This describes the majority of my 1L class, so I wouldn't worry too much about "stiffer competition." Just know what IRAC is, learn to type quickly and you should beat the curve everytime.
  8. Your grades show that you are consistently able to out-perform your peers.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I could see myself making this poster's mistake.
  10. So you are in support of a mandatory pass/fail at Osgoode?
  11. I'm in Ontario and it was always my plan to ask professors for these types of letters (stating how I did in relation to the rest of the class) in the event of a mandatory pass/fail so I could attach the letters to my own transcript.
  12. I was under the assumption that a pass was >50 and a fail was <50. Thanks for the clarification - this was the source of the miscommunication.
  13. As I have done. Perhaps they will benefit from this knowledge.
  14. Many professors grade on a marking scheme out of 100. Students obtain a certain amount of marks out of 100, and they will fall into a cohort. If the top student in the class receives a mark of 78/100, the 15% of students below them (let's pretend it's students who scored between 69/100 and 77/100) will receive an A.
  15. I don't think it's a ridiculous take. Consider, for example, a 1L class where the "average" was 49/100. Students with a 40/100 to a 55/100 receive a B, students with a 56/100 to a 65/100 receive a B+, and students with marks greater than 65/100 receive an A. Now, all the students who would have received a "B" with marks 40/100 to 49/100 will receive a fail.
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