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  1. What are my career prospects on Bay St. if I have an LLB from Akitsiraq? Will I be competitive with students from UfT and Osgoode?
  2. I’m a popular guy, what can I say? -33 AKA “The Voice of The Voiceless”
  3. Astute research skills Tagger; this must be why I envy you. I was asking for a friend. -33
  4. Do you think if someone started writing their personal statement at 3PM the day that applications are due, they would stand a chance?
  5. I say go for it. Hard work pays off, dreams come true - bad grades don't last, but bad guys do.
  6. 12 GB is an odd (in the sense of strange) number for memory. This implies a mixture of chip sizes (8+4) or a literal odd number of chips (3x4). If you buy a system with 12 GB of memory you have to hope that the designers knew what they were doing, because mixing chip sizes or using three chips in a system designed for four is not generally recommended. I have seen systems on HP’s site with 12 GB of memory and I generally trust HP. But for myself I put two or four RAM modules of the same size in my motherboards.
  7. Hey Mr Blue, I think youll have no problem getting an apt @ OsgoodeChambers/Passy considering that classes are online this year, For reference, in a non-COVID era, I applied for Passy housing June 20, and received an apartment.
  8. Throw in an app @ Osgoode if you have the $ to do so! I was a subpar candidate and was pleasantly surprised w/ an Osgoode admission! All the best!! Rodney
  9. I’m intrigued, pray do tell: how do you plan to “net” $3000 a month in law school?
  10. Hey, so there's a professor on here who disagrees with this, but this is what worked for me so I'm posting anyways. Here is what UOttawa states: "The Personal Statement is a very important part of the application and should be written with care. You must also submit to OLSAS two letters of reference. While at least one reference must be from an academic source, it is preferable to have two academic references." Reading these instructions (very similar to my school), here's what I would do if I were you: For your mandatory academic reference, it doesn't necessarily need to come from a professor. Are there any TAs that you could ask? What about an internship/co-op boss you had (if you did that in your undergrad)? You need to find someone who can attest to your academic work; it needn't be an actual professor. Disclaimer: This is Osgoode info. I do not attend UOttawa. Please confirm with UOttawa before that your 1 mandatory academic reference does not need to be from an actual professor before you file your application. Then for the second letter, I wouldn't bother with beating a dead horse and trying to pull a second academic reference out of your ass. Have you worked before? Do you have an employer, present or previous that can write an astounding reference letter for you? If not, did you volunteer anywhere on a regular basis? Is there a volunteer coordinator or higher-up at the organization that can write an extraordinary letter for you? Then just spend a lot of time on your personal statement. Have a couple current law students read it over if you can, so they can tell you if it's too sentimental/not sentimental enough.
  11. Oh okay. You can upload a private pdf to www.pdfhost.io and share the link via PM.
  12. Hi Stephen, what you’re going to want to do is click on someone’s username in this thread. Clicking on the username will lead you to that user’s profile page. Once you’re there, click the little envelope icon somewhere near the top of the page and that will open the Private Messaging system.
  13. Hi Mr. Kaprelian, I’m interested in a copy of your ebook.
  14. Thanks guys. I went with my gut, and my gut paid off.
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