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  1. I know of one professor who may write me a reference letter. I do agree that going back to school for only a reference will a waste of money if it does not have much weight in the admission process.
  2. What Lsat score should i aim for to competitive for law schools ?
  3. I've always been interested in going to law school but only now have gotten the courage to start the process. I have several different obstacles to getting there. First their is no possibility of me getting strong reference letters for my undergraduates studies. I made no connections with any of my professor to allow me to get a strong reference letter. I was thinking of getting a certification from york in public administration and law this year. This would allow me to to gain some academic connections to get reference letters. In addition what kind of Ec should I try to get. I have basically no volunteer experience. I currently work for the provincial government, part of my job is having to consult with lawyers often and enforce court orders. Though i do not know if this will count. I am just looking for how to fix my situation and get myself competitive for law school. I have not taken the lsat yet, but have started studying and hoping to take it later this year.
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