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  1. Thank you all! Each response was helpful and appreciated
  2. So during my undergrad I essentially only focused on studying and getting good marks. I do not have any volunteer experience throughout my degree and worked as a lifeguard at a local pool. However, I very recently became a campaign researcher for the leader of one of canada’s four main federal political parties (not going to specify which one) for the upcoming election and was wondering if that would likely compensate for the absence of prior volunteering/ec’s. Basically what I’m asking is will a decent position such as mine that will essentially run from May-October compensate for the lack of engagement in my degree. Thanks in advance.
  3. So I just graduated and have all my grades and lsat stats completed and intend on applying to Ontario law schools in the fall. My cgpa is 3.60; Last 3: 3.86; Last 2: 3.96; Lsat: 157. I know my lsat is low and I will be retaking it this fall, but with these stats what schools will I have the best chances at being accepted to. Thanks in advance!
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