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  1. Used wrong name, but information is for dal. Good catch though
  2. Wanada is on vacation. Wont hear anything back till 29th of july. Apparently late july/early augest is when people hear back.
  3. Ive been looking to rent a room by campus on kijjiji, but I think haveing a roomate who is also a law student would be great.
  4. Im currently number one on the Resident waitlist, and wanted to know if anyone is planning on declining their acceptance or not attending in the fall.
  5. Just spoke to Wanada about this. Said they would be sent out this week
  6. Nothing on resident waitlist. They said it varys from year to year. Sometimes they use them all, sometimes none. It can take till the 13th of september
  7. Hello, I recently was put first on the "resident" wait-list. I want to know if anyone from any year have been accepted from the wait-list, or if anyone knows how common this is.
  8. Did they say u were on a resident waitlist?
  9. For anyone who has been interveiwed in halifax do u know when your supposed to hear back?
  10. Got the email yesterday. Interview in Halifax june 3,4,5. 30 people given the time alotted. 156 lsat, 3.7 modified. Very excited
  11. Hello, in past years this is around the time that people are called in for an interview. I'm wondering if anyone has been contacted for an interview yet this year? For anyone unfamiliar, the last ten spots go to people picked through the interview process, Halifax students do it in Halifax, and others are given the option to do it over the phone, or at least thats what seems to be the case from previous years.
  12. got accepted about a month ago. Didn't find this forum till now. 156 lsat, 3.7 gpa accepted in discritonary category.
  13. Hello, I'm attending UNB law in the fall, and am a bit nervous about going to a new place where I don't know anyone, and wanted to know if anyone from SMU will be attending in the fall.
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