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  1. I decided on Usask, also admitted at TRU and UNB (off the waitlist). I wish I applied more broadly, I underestimated how holistic admissions can be. I'm happy at USask and if you have any specific questions about the school I'm happy to answer.
  2. I don't have much practical advice but I have a similar story to my access claim and I got acceptances with my 2.68 cgpa/155. I imagine you'll get in somewhere if you apply to a few schools. Best of luck!
  3. still no news at USask, hopefully we find out soon either way
  4. Its super weird but thats how they do it! If you're having issues with doing it remotely I'd talk to doreen
  5. its generally nice to know what you have to work on before you start working on it. the lsat is a means to an end, don't tie your whole worth up in being good at logic games
  6. I get about 17k between grants/loans (mostly grants) from OSAP for the year, which covers tuition (at Usask at least) and my summer jobs covers my living expenses. I probably will spend about 10k on living expenses in 8 months and don't feel deprived. I'm projecting under 40k in government debt between undergrad/law school with about 15k being undergrad.
  7. I don't think it ever updated for me, just contact the office and ask if you want the peace of mind
  8. Usask, thompson rivers and unb was very very late in the season. I wouldn't bet the farm on an acceptance but I know other people with strong access claims that got in on similar stats.
  9. I got into multiple Canadian law schools (none in Ontario) through access last cycle with a 2.7ish cgpa and 155 lsat. b2 definitely under a 3.0. One year out of undergrad working. I would suggest looking outside of Ontario, really fleshing out your statements and pick good references. If you have any questions feel free to message!
  10. I found applying for LSAC accommodations very annoying but doable if you have documentation and a history of accommodated testing. Taking a look at your post history they are unlikely to grant you accommodations as you took an unaccommodated exam and did alright.
  11. I received acceptances last cycle with a 2.68 cgpa/155 (none in Ontario). I would strongly suggest pushing your accommodations as much as possible for the LSAT.
  12. I picked a basement suite on Temperance street, 895 all inclusive. Prefer to pay less but its hard looking when you aren't there! I'm a little nervous about renting a place sight unseen but this isn't my first time doing that. Lots of stalking the neighbourhoods on google maps lol
  13. Accepted yesterday Access Newfoundland student CGPA: 2.7ish LSAT: 155
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