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  1. Based on the facebook group, many people in my section have the same issue. The general consensus seems to be to follow the schedule posted on MyOsgoode under your section. There may just be a glitch on the York system.
  2. I found out by logging onto Passport York and going under the "courses" tab/on the "plot my courses" tab on http://www.currentstudents.yorku.ca/home. If you don't have a Passport York account yet you can go here to set one up: https://computing.yorku.ca using your Osgoode student number. I believe the letter (A-D) listed next to the names of your courses is your assigned section.
  3. As many of us have gotten our schedules now, I'm interested in finding out from some 2Ls and 3Ls what professors they would recommend/avoid based on their experience at Osgoode. I'm aware that most professors are on ratemyprof, but I'd be interested in having a more conversation-like discussion on this topic! Any responses would be appreciated
  4. Sorry, I just realized I didn't respond to the full comment. The expiry date for my offer is May 14 per OASIS.
  5. Accepted this morning around 10 a.m via. email/OASIS. Still can't believe it with my stats. I didn't really believe that Osgoode was holistic, but I guess it really is. LSAT: 156 cGPA: 3.84 (a bunch of A- brought it down but I never got a B in undergrad) 4-5 years of legal experience and other ECs throughout undergrad. Strong references. General applicant, not a mature student. Also, for those accepted today, has anyone's status updated on OLSAS?
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