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  1. It can take a few hours or a few days. Don’t worry about it.
  2. Shameless plug. But with that grammar, I wouldn’t let YOU pay ME to write my cover letter. Lol.
  3. Honestly, not disagreeing with you. I just don't recall ever saying that grades are arbitrary. If that's what the consensus is, then sure, I'll defer to the lawyers on here who say that. But I personally always thought grades were quite important, which is why I slaved away all year last year to get the marks that I did. And as for the wet blanket remark, I get that too. You'd think the people who are really strong on paper that are getting passed on just must not have been socialized properly and they sit in the corner at social events and don't talk to anyone. Of course the firms aren't gonna hire that type of person. But that's not me. At least I don't think so.
  4. 10/10 straw man. I didn’t say everyone who works there got there based on connections and that grades are pointless. But, based on your incorrect use of “there”, I suppose you’ve indirectly proven my point!
  5. *insert something about how life isn’t fair* I get it. Let us mourn.
  6. I didn’t say that. I don’t disagree that money makes the world go round and that it’s the most important thing to a law firm, i.e. a business. I can appreciate that. My point was that certain factors beyond the control of many of us result in us getting the short end of the stick, which goes to the arbitrariness and unfairness of the process.
  7. This is exactly it. After you fail at 1L, you think meh, no one really gets these jobs, and I have a way better shot at landing something through the way larger 2L recruit. And then you don't, and it feels as if the door is shut forever. And yeah, most people who do this process do it for the wrong reasons - they don't actually care about big law, it's just what everyone is doing and so they jump on the bandwagon. Then they get those jobs, and those of us who genuinely wanted to practice in the area fall short and feel slighted, with no realistic prospects of ever making it into this area again. It stings. What @BlockedQuebecois is saying is not technically wrong. He's right that it's logistically easier in that the firms come to us, we submit all our materials through a nice neat portal, there's no leg work to be done. Which in a lot of other fields is a giant headache and half the battle. I don't think he's purposely trying to kick us while we're down. But I can see how it comes across that way. Because blaming the process, which is a terribly flawed one at that, is not the wrong thing for us to do. When ridiculously qualified candidates get left behind in favour of Alex whose family friend is a partner with a lot of pull at Stikes, or Sam who is simply quite charming and funny with straight Bs and a couple of Cs ends up at Osler, it just feels wrong. In those cases, it can't be anything but the way this process is structured that leads to what feels like an injustice.
  8. Fair. Maybe in a week or two when I’m done wallowing in self pity I’ll be able to see things more clearly
  9. Appreciate the sentiments. But at some point, I think we all have to take a step back and say maybe it’s just who I am as a person that’s not a good “fit” for big law. Because there’s something that’s making every single person and every single firm in the entire industry say “pass” when my name comes up in that boardroom at the end of every night. It feels like there’s no point applying to the few firms that start accepting applications tmw (WeirFoulds, Blaney etc) and the articling recruit because why would the results be any different the third and fourth time around?
  10. What a shitty week. Wow. This process is absolutely fucked. Another one of the “fell through the cracks” cases. Strong A average from Osgoode, solid work experience, lots of extra curricular involvement, relatable interests like sports, more than 20 OCI invitations and a handful of in firms. Brand new fitted suits. Dressed to the fuckin 9s all 3 days. Stopped wasting my time at the firms where the vibe was off and invested more into the ones telling me all the right things. Said “first choice” after I had met with each firm multiple times, and at a time where this particular firm clearly wanted to hear it. Was met with super positive reactions and you start, for the first time, thinking you actually have a decent shot at having something to show for the last 5 months of effort and waiting and overall agony. And then it’s 5:00, and 5:05, and 5:15, and nothing. Damn. Congrats to all those who received offers.
  11. I think so. It's not super late yet and they're probably still making decisions, so letting them know that you're still interested can only help. Worst case scenario, they say no, and you're in the same boat that you're in now.
  12. Why don't you reach out to the head recruiter and say that you'd like to come back tomorrow
  13. That's gotta be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. What kind of answer are you hoping for? You asked "how do I tell the time", someone says "look at a clock", and you say that would blacklist you from the firm. Come on man.
  14. Even if you know for sure you’re gonna do the in firm?
  15. Petition for the mods to ban or at the very least suspend this person until OCIs are over...
  16. It is. I luckily found my “group” right away, so I don’t really have any specific advice. Hopefully some other posters here can chime in.
  17. Ah ok. The material will start to click eventually. Law school is a big adjustment and it takes some time. I understand how you might feel overwhelmed, but just keep grinding away. Try out different techniques - if you’ve been reading after class, read before, or vice versa. That might help. Also, don’t be afraid to either ask questions in class or shoot your prof an email. They are there to help you if you don’t understand what’s going on. As for the people situation, I’m not sure what to say other than your cohort sounds very immature and it sucks that you’re stuck with them. Keep making efforts though. I’m sure if you said “hey, I don’t have anyone to discuss this with, mind if I join you?” they wouldn’t turn you away. They’d have to be total pricks to do that. Law schools are definitely all super high schoolish and so I understand where you’re coming from. Given that the cliques have already started to form, just keep trying to make a conscious effort to talk to people before or after class. Maybe try and find a study group. ECs are also a good way to meet people. Join some clubs or sign up for a moot. If your school has intramurals, join a team. There’s lots of ways to meet people outside of your cohort too! Best of luck.
  18. No ways. If you're on the waitlist it means they've already extended the amount of interviews that should everyone accept there's no slot for you. Only if people decline will you move up. Wouldn't make sense otherwise - they can't just revoke someone else's interview offer because they liked your continued interest email.
  19. I believe all 3 of those schools will accept January LSATs. Only drawback for you is that they won't consider your application until your LSAT score comes in. Since admissions are done on a rolling basis, by the time they receive your LSAT score, the class will have already begun to fill up.
  20. Probably gonna have a hard time explaining why you applied / want to work there other than “because it was there”. Same reason I personally didn’t apply to any of the personal injury and labour firms. But your call.
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