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  1. There is one in the common room but... you prob don’t wanna use that lol. You’ll have to bring your own if you want one in your unit. Only appliances in there are an oven, a fridge and a freezer.
  2. Your GPA is good. Your LSAT is stellar. You’ll get in anywhere you apply in Canada. Don’t worry.
  3. Don't focus on the "current balance" too much. You need to pay whatever amount is indicated under "minimum payment due this month". Edit - for example, my current balance is like $26k cuz tuition got posted. But my min payment is just $972 (rent). So I'll only be paying $972 (for now)... The due date is indicated immediately to the right of the minimum payment column: "Minimum payment due by"
  4. I don’t recall when we received the schedule for ELGC but you do not have to sign up for it
  5. Thought it’d be useful to have a thread where people applying to NY for summer 2020 can discuss Radio silence on my end from the ~15 places I applied to so far except for Skadden (PFO)
  6. I think you’re right. I should’ve clarified though - I meant the random moots and negotiation things that anyone can just sign up for
  7. Tons. PBSC, various different clubs, moots, judging moots, student caucus, legal & lit, etc. There's something for everyone.
  8. Passy is the entire complex with several buildings. Certain buildings within Passy are "Osgoode Chambers", meaning only Osgoode students live in that specific building e.g. Passy 14 and 16 are Osgoode Chambers. If you live in Osgoode Chambers, you necessarily are in Passy. If you live in Passy, you may not be in Osgoode Chambers. It makes no difference though. I'm unfamiliar with that specific intensive, however, in general, they are super competitive. If you don't get in it for 2L, you can always try again in 3L. Sorry I can't speak more to that one in particular - maybe someone else here has some experience with it. Yes ^^
  9. So it's true that grades only get you the interview and beyond that they're largely irrelevant?
  10. I picked mine up last week and it doesn't
  11. Only up until the 2005/2006 school year, which is of basically no value
  12. If you’re getting free rent downtown... you suck it up and make that commute lol. Lot of places where you don’t have connection at all and some where you do. You’ll get used to it.
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