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  1. I think you’re right. I should’ve clarified though - I meant the random moots and negotiation things that anyone can just sign up for
  2. Tons. PBSC, various different clubs, moots, judging moots, student caucus, legal & lit, etc. There's something for everyone.
  3. Passy is the entire complex with several buildings. Certain buildings within Passy are "Osgoode Chambers", meaning only Osgoode students live in that specific building e.g. Passy 14 and 16 are Osgoode Chambers. If you live in Osgoode Chambers, you necessarily are in Passy. If you live in Passy, you may not be in Osgoode Chambers. It makes no difference though. I'm unfamiliar with that specific intensive, however, in general, they are super competitive. If you don't get in it for 2L, you can always try again in 3L. Sorry I can't speak more to that one in particular - maybe someone else here has some experience with it. Yes ^^
  4. So it's true that grades only get you the interview and beyond that they're largely irrelevant?
  5. I picked mine up last week and it doesn't
  6. Only up until the 2005/2006 school year, which is of basically no value
  7. If you’re getting free rent downtown... you suck it up and make that commute lol. Lot of places where you don’t have connection at all and some where you do. You’ll get used to it.
  8. That's the trade-off. More to do downtown and just an objectively better place to live than North York. But, it's a long commute. You'll have class Monday-Friday in 1L, so you need to seriously consider whether you're willing to spend 2 hours a day 5 days a week just getting to and from school. I know some people that managed to do it every day and others who gave up pretty early on in the school year because it's such a pain in the ass. That's 2 hours of your day where you could be doing other things. But I suppose you could do some readings on the TTC if you wanted.
  9. I posted this in another thread a few weeks back: "I had garbage grades in first year. Mainly Cs and a few Bs. I stepped it up in years 2-4 and had straight As. Had no problem getting into law schools. So, this one bad year will certainly not sink you. You just have to do well from this point on." Your LSAT score is pretty good, so you've got that covered already. I'm not sure how summer courses work. I think maybe there's a stigma if you take 1 or 2 courses in the summer. But co-op programs obviously have no choice other than to do full summer terms, so I highly doubt ad coms will look at your app and pull their faces because of that.
  10. Last year, that was the case. I don't recall anyone who applied by the deadline who did not get a spot. I applied for it in February, and heard back around this time I think. Maybe June.
  11. I’d say so. There’s a ton of 1Ls who live here, so you’re almost guaranteed to bump into somebody whenever you’re walking around. Social dynamic was good, especially for o week. The busses to all of the events left from here, so there was always a big pre in the owl’s nest. People pretty frequently used to go to the nest throughout the year too. Also, JCR nights every Wednesday meant you could just walk over whenever you wanted. That said, I don’t think you’re necessarily at a disadvantage in terms of meeting people if you don’t live here. Every pub night is downtown, so it’s actually even easier to hit those up if you don’t live on campus. You’re also on campus for class a lot, and so you’ll have plenty of chances to socialize, grab lunch, study in the library with people, etc during the days. The absolute best advantages though, as you mentioned, are price and convenience for class.
  12. Well that settles it then
  13. That’s annoying. There’s no specific place I’ve heard of. I know some people that live right downtown, others who live along the subway line, and a lot of people just live at home. Keep in mind that the closer to downtown you get, the more expensive your rent is and the longer the commute. I’d start by looking at st Clair w area. Basically everyone I know went with a perspective option. There’s quite a few interesting ones so you’ll have some good options for sure.
  14. Yeah I did. I think the village is mainly populated with undergrads, so I didn’t bother to look. And I don’t know of anyone at osgoode who lived there, so I can’t speak to it.
  15. I think a 3.77 and a 168 will probably get you into any Canadian law school. If you think you can score higher on the LSAT, go for it. I personally wouldn’t, but that’s just me. Long story short, as it stands, you’re competitive. Don’t worry.
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