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  1. They matter to some degree, but it’s hard to quantify. I wouldn’t characterize them as “really important”. Certainly, there are schools that place more weight on them (e.g. Windsor). But by and large your GPA (or B2/B3/L2 depending on the school) + LSAT are far more important. As long as you’ve done something - because doing absolutely nothing may leave the admissions committees with the impression that you’re a square who can only focus on schoolwork - you’ll be alright.
  2. I guess it depends on the rest of you package e.g. your other marks and LSAT score. I had pretty bad first year grades but strong second and third year grades. I was fortunate to receive a few offers in early December (before fourth year first semester grades were sent). If that doesn’t happen for you, don’t worry, because the majority of acceptances will come out after the new year, at which point they will have some fourth year grades.
  3. Just ask. In my experience, if they know who you are and if you got a good grade in the course, most of them are more than happy to write a letter for you.
  4. This is a really bad take. Like, really bad.
  5. By past experiences I meant with law firms in general, i.e. they will lead you on and not follow through in the end. This of course was not my experience with my current firm - I am glad I ended up here as they were all wonderful and I have no doubt that their intentions are genuine. Happy to hear your comments about what it takes to not actually receive an articling offer. Thanks!
  6. I'm curious as to what the etiquette is for people who have 2L jobs lined up with respect to applying for articling positions. My firm traditionally hires back 100% of its summers (I was explicitly told this by multiple lawyers and students during the interview process). And while I do believe that they meant that, my past experiences with firms have put me in a position where I don't fully trust anything unless and until I have something in writing. My concern is that the dates for the articling recruit are coming up -- especially for areas outside of Toronto -- and I don't want to be a position where I haven't applied anywhere and then am not ultimately offered an articling position at my current firm. On the other hand, I don't want my firm to think I was shopping around, or end up accepting an offer elsewhere before my current firm has a chance to offer me to come back.Add a pandemic into the mix too, whereby our start date has been delayed, and I'm just not sure what to do or what's going to happen. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. True, but 0% chance it doesn't get approved by York. They've already announced changes to York-wide grading policies and explicitly noted that it doesn't apply to Osgoode - implying that Osgoode will decide on its own.
  8. Osgoode decided on mandatory credit / no credit
  9. Does the OCA not send PFOs? I need closure...
  10. It can take a few hours or a few days. Don’t worry about it.
  11. Shameless plug. But with that grammar, I wouldn’t let YOU pay ME to write my cover letter. Lol.
  12. Honestly, not disagreeing with you. I just don't recall ever saying that grades are arbitrary. If that's what the consensus is, then sure, I'll defer to the lawyers on here who say that. But I personally always thought grades were quite important, which is why I slaved away all year last year to get the marks that I did. And as for the wet blanket remark, I get that too. You'd think the people who are really strong on paper that are getting passed on just must not have been socialized properly and they sit in the corner at social events and don't talk to anyone. Of course the firms aren't gonna hire that type of person. But that's not me. At least I don't think so.
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