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  1. Even if you know for sure you’re gonna do the in firm?
  2. Petition for the mods to ban or at the very least suspend this person until OCIs are over...
  3. It is. I luckily found my “group” right away, so I don’t really have any specific advice. Hopefully some other posters here can chime in.
  4. Ah ok. The material will start to click eventually. Law school is a big adjustment and it takes some time. I understand how you might feel overwhelmed, but just keep grinding away. Try out different techniques - if you’ve been reading after class, read before, or vice versa. That might help. Also, don’t be afraid to either ask questions in class or shoot your prof an email. They are there to help you if you don’t understand what’s going on. As for the people situation, I’m not sure what to say other than your cohort sounds very immature and it sucks that you’re stuck with them. Keep making efforts though. I’m sure if you said “hey, I don’t have anyone to discuss this with, mind if I join you?” they wouldn’t turn you away. They’d have to be total pricks to do that. Law schools are definitely all super high schoolish and so I understand where you’re coming from. Given that the cliques have already started to form, just keep trying to make a conscious effort to talk to people before or after class. Maybe try and find a study group. ECs are also a good way to meet people. Join some clubs or sign up for a moot. If your school has intramurals, join a team. There’s lots of ways to meet people outside of your cohort too! Best of luck.
  5. No ways. If you're on the waitlist it means they've already extended the amount of interviews that should everyone accept there's no slot for you. Only if people decline will you move up. Wouldn't make sense otherwise - they can't just revoke someone else's interview offer because they liked your continued interest email.
  6. I believe all 3 of those schools will accept January LSATs. Only drawback for you is that they won't consider your application until your LSAT score comes in. Since admissions are done on a rolling basis, by the time they receive your LSAT score, the class will have already begun to fill up.
  7. Probably gonna have a hard time explaining why you applied / want to work there other than “because it was there”. Same reason I personally didn’t apply to any of the personal injury and labour firms. But your call.
  8. Many (most?) firms don't send out either ITCs or PFOs. So no, I wouldn't draw that conclusion.
  9. Schools do not care. I routinely took 100 level courses all throughout undergrad and had no issues getting into law school. Take the course that (you think) will yield you a higher mark.
  10. Yes. PFO at this stage means you won’t be getting an OCI. ITC means they are offering you an OCI.
  11. There is one in the common room but... you prob don’t wanna use that lol. You’ll have to bring your own if you want one in your unit. Only appliances in there are an oven, a fridge and a freezer.
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