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  1. Therumpshaker

    Firm Tours: Tiebreaker or useless?

    One of the tours I went on was conducted only by current summer students. I later heard from one of them (we became friends months later) that he was asked which students he liked and he said he gave a positive review of me. So depending on the firm, your good performance might translate into an OCI.
  2. Therumpshaker

    Clerkship phone interview

    I did a phone interview for my Federal Court interview. Just remember to speak slowly, and ENSURE you are in a room where you will not be disturbed. I had someone walk in on me to grab something from the office I was in and it totally distracted me and I stopped cold in what I was saying. Good Luck! - it will be fine
  3. Lots of comments are saying that he didn't plan for the cost of school but if he grew up in a poor family without any money to invest, save or be responsible with, where is he going to learn how to plan his finances? I grew up in a financially stable household and saw my parents save money, buy property, re-mortgage, make household budgets, buy investments etc etc. So I learned very early what interests rates even were and how much things cost. It's very easy to say that he should have planned better - but who was supposed to advise him in this planning? From my own experience, money and debt is never spoken about among friends.
  4. Therumpshaker

    best way to study for labour law?

    I didn't find studying for labour law any different than other classes. Just make sure your analysis is very fact heavy i.e. consider all the facts the prof gives you in pattern. I think knowing the facts in the cases studied is important b/c you'll have to use them to distinguish or strengthen whatever you are arguing.
  5. Therumpshaker

    Calling All Mature Students!

    If your previous career was a professional one, you will not have a problem with job recruitment. I also left a very stable job at 36 to start law school and I thought it would be hard to get interviews at my age but here I am with my #1 choice firm in a large city. Obviously they'll ask about why you switched careers but no one ever mentioned my family status. I had one interviewer who really grilled me about my age but it was only one loser so I wouldn't consider it widespread ageism. I blend in nicely with my class but I also don't like to tell people how old I am because the reaction is usually "you're HOW old?????" and I hate that. Socializing is easy if you're a social person but a little extra effort might be required to make friends in the classroom because you really won't want to go clubbing with 22 year olds to make friends. From talking to friends and meeting people from across the country, some schools tend to have a younger demographic and others are incredibly diverse so that will have an effect on your experience. I was able to jump in to the school work very easily and in fact I joke that my only adjustment was getting used to wearing jeans every day instead of professional clothes. Any other questions please email! I am happy to share.
  6. Therumpshaker

    Professional Engineer

    The professional designation probably doesn't really matter for getting a job, but I think it might be useful down the road in business development.
  7. Therumpshaker

    Class of 2015 2L transfer students

    Hey guys - find the Facebook page for 2L transfers and connect with the ppl there. We're helpful!
  8. Therumpshaker

    Articling, week 2

    OMG I feel stupid every day at work and I'm 3 months into my summering! Please keep up the articling updates - it is nice to know we're not in this all alone
  9. I spoke to a recruiter this week and she said she had not read any of the applications that were sent weeks ago.
  10. Therumpshaker

    Linkedin training for legal field

    My LinkedIn views went up A LOT just before and during OCIs. I am not sure why since my resume contains exactly the same information.
  11. Therumpshaker

    Clerkship Interview Notices

    Ok - just to keep others up to date on FCC. I have an interview next week, so they are still making decisions.
  12. We are in law school - so we think this is a law school problem. But it is actually a life problem. "Keeping up with the Jones'" is the most common way to describe it. There is a short book that I read when I am feeling inadequate called The Four Agreements. It is so short and you really only need to read the first few pages of each chapter to adjust perspective. After exams, give it a try!
  13. Therumpshaker

    Any success stories from 'older' applicants?

    I applied to Calgary in 2010 and was rejected. My GPA is similar and LSAT was 159. I have 10+ years of professional work experience with 3 strong reference letters from employers. I was accepted elsewhere so feel free to message me for more questions.
  14. Therumpshaker


    Facebook is the fastest and easiest way to find out about events and get help in 1L. It is super active in first year, but by 2L and 3L the class groups are ghost towns - but people still post and get lots of fast replies as Dubs604 mentioned. Sell books, buy books, sublet apartments, find a ride...
  15. Therumpshaker

    Clerkship Interview Notices

    Nope. Silence.