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  1. I felt disadvantaged coming from a biology background. It took me a while to get my legal writing abilities... if I have them.
  2. I also got an unexpected call from the DoJ
  3. If you have new experiences, or some updates in your roles, and you find that you are more competitive with an updated resume than what you submitted early August, is it appropriate to give an updated resume (for in-firms)? Or are you generally good to go, and they just want to assess your fit/interpersonal skills and anything new on your resume is nothing in the hiring process?
  4. If you go to UBC now, and have all of your CV experience in BC, firms will notice that you have had all your life in BC, you did 1L in a non-BC school (which? if its TRU, Windsor, or Ottawa that may shed some light), and that you transferred and went back home to BC after 1L. The BC, all of your CV in BC, undergrad in BC -> another province for 1L -> back to BC after 1L, might turn off firms that you will once again go back to BC and want a job at home. *This is only true if we are talking about Toronto OCI's.
  5. Why not get involved now before applications are due? There are plenty of charitable outreach opportunities to take part in with short notice. Why take the chance and have nothing, even if you have a strong LSAT?
  6. Do not listen to what Western said and take another year of classes to prove you can handle a full course load. It is a waste of time, money, and there's no guarantee your grades go up. You are good, be patient, apply broadly, take what comes your way and don't be so set on a specific school. You have a 164, many people would kill for that. Also... writing sample? They actually read that?
  7. Why not just ask to spend the day shadowing? You should be in no rush to work in a law firm... especially unpaid. Time can be better spent elsewhere. I am just a 1L student working summering at a firm, but what I can tell you is that I now appreciate my time outside of my law job more than ever. Friday is my last day and I can't wait to go back to being just a student.
  8. Is it appropriate to ask? I am a summer student.
  9. That’s exactly what it is with me. i especially overthink contracts. I convince myself that some doctrines can apply when they don’t, then end up with a completely different answer. providence is right. The exams I get stressed over after are good ones.... the only reason I know the issues i missed is because I know the material that well. Being aware of missed issues means I knew what was going on and not on the wrong path for my exam answer. In the end, I’m proud of my grades. It is what it is. A solid B average means I made successfully through 1L to me. What else could I have done to do better? I’m not sure, but I’ll meet w all my profs to figure that out.
  10. Hey everyone, I got my grades back. Do I have a shot at the 2L recruit? The exam I thought I did the best in is the C+. Its contracts A- B+ B B B B C+
  11. It is worrying for me. The exam I thought I did the best on at mid term, I got the absolute lowest mark in, which was a C+, and i know that because he posted the highest and lowest mark to show the curve. I got that mark because I overthought and over analyzed simple issues, and then over applied the law (prof told me exactly this). I also have gotten the (tied for) highest mark in a class. I’m inconsistent. My grades spread the whole curve. im not gonna stress anymore, i was well prepared for all them, and we’ll just see how I stacked up against everyone else. and providence, you are completely right. I am blowing this way out of proportion... I’m just a worried 1L, and chances are everything averages out to a B and everything is okay..
  12. I am just a 1L, but from my perspective, rather than the firm's perspective you guys looked at this from, it is daunting to think that I'd be a full out practicing lawyer right when finishing 3L. I think I want less responsibilities and less autonomy coming out of law school, all I've known in my educational career thus far is being the learner, and receiving structure as to what I'm supposed to do from a prof/instructor. Does articling not smoothing out the transition into real life practice? Going straight into practice seems to abrupt to me lol
  13. I did just this for my exam today, and feel great about it. I'm going to let it stop eating me up. Yes I missed an issue on my exam today also, but fuck it. I did everything my brain could handle in the time given. What can I do... onto the next one... I'll figure things out when grades come out, I did it at mid terms and landed a job. watever
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