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  1. Accepted this morning!!!! LSAT 161 and cGPA is 3.67 (MA). Congrats everyone!
  2. Just trying to get a better picture of how many of us are still in queue (not wait listed, accepted or rejected) with competitive stats! What does it all mean?!?!
  3. LSAT: 147 (Nov) and 161 (Jan), CGPA: 3.67, Masters in Poli Sci, several years of work experience in law firms, ref letter from the prof who supervised my thesis + a senior associate I report to and decent ECs. I feel I have a decent chance..but not sure if I ruined my chances by bombing the LSAT the first time and doing the Jan LSAT so late in the review cycle process
  4. I find it so hard to believe that all acceptances and wait list notifications have already gone out, especially since there are so many applicants with great stats still in queue. There must be another wave coming in the next week or 2? I spoke with adcom and they said acceptances will be rolling out until end of June.
  5. Is anybody still in queue from early March with good stats? If so, what is your take on things right now? Are spots filled? Is a rejection coming? Trying to stay positive but also be prepared for the worst.
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