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  1. Was waiting for this. Don’t forget the tears of students as well...
  2. I feel like it has more value if it comes from someone people recognize/know. A handful of the people I interviewed with knew or worked with one of my references (from a paid position), so I felt like they trusted the reference letter more and I was humanized in their eyes, sort of. I think if the reference letter is meaningful it can act as a good icebreaker during the interview process.
  3. I assume that people got offers earlier than normal (usually it happens in the last month?) because firms want to reassure some of their students that they are committed and that COVID isn't a problem to their student practice. Otherwise, why wouldn't they just wait until the "normal" time offers are given (usually towards end of the summer).
  4. Maybe just COVID-related but I have knowledge of firms offering articling within the second week of the summer.
  5. Damn, you’re a class actions lawyer now too? Busy bee. Re Seroquel, that is a pharmaceutical class action. OP was talking about consumer products and employment in the post you quoted, and securities in the post above. He doesn’t mention pharma class actions anywhere, at all. Not to mention the fact that the case you cited was 7 years ago, and a lot has changed in the world since then (rendering pharmaceutical class actions even harder to bring forth, hello Bill 161.) Pharma litigation has always been a grey area, even in the US who has had major changes in to their pharma-related regime since Seroquel. Sure, there have been plenty of losses... but oddly enough you didn’t bring up a relevant one at all. I agree that it is not as easy in Ontario (for a variety of reasons, one being adverse costs) but Ontario is one very unfortunate and embattled province. The gap exists but it’s not due to the loss of a case over 7 years ago that has nothing to do with consumer product liability or employment law... damn. If anything, prior to Bill 161, even Ontario (and certainly provinces like Quebec and BC) has a little bit more of a robust system than the US in recent years. Who knows what will happen after Bill 161, but I don’t envision it affecting securities litigation the way it will consumer products and pharma. It’s certainly not as simple as “they lost a bunch of cases not even in the consumer products field so things were just shuttered, unlike the US where no one ever loses at all despite having superiority and predominance requirements for way longer.” As for the prairie based law firm, yeah it’s notorious but once again, not the sole reason for why it is slow to advance and I’m pretty sure if said firm evaporated tomorrow into thin air, another one would take its place. I hate the fact that it might seem like I’m defending this one firm, which is obviously something I don’t want to do, but it’s more of a problem with the way the courts handle carriage and consortiums than a specific firm (even if it may be the most notable example and perhaps the inadvertent birthplace of this phenomenon). Pineapple21 is right though, there is a gap. Specifically in the middle-market in securities litigation. As for consumer products gap, I was surprised by Pineapple21’s statement because if you look at any consumer product litigation in the US you’ll see similar claims brought here where they apply (even if the damages are a pittance comparatively, someone will bring them). But if he is in the US, then I think it makes more sense as to why he perceives a gap. Either way there’s about to be an even bigger gap in Ontario so I guess technically you’re right!
  6. I’ve heard of Crowns who break down in the shower crying every morning due to the stress and pressure they are under - no way this is true. Absurdly offensive stereotype.
  7. Basically all this — except I'm at a boutique and we like memos. There is a strong argument to be made in favour of memos (plus they aren't really all as formal as LS makes them sound...) I just do a lot of research that I'd probably be doing even if I was unemployed so yeah, it rocks. At the beginning of the summer, it was a little bit more formally assigned, now it's just kind of like "oh since you're looking into this can you also do this after" momentum. Non-work related: trying to connect with people and get to know them actively. I feel like you have to be especially proactive under COVID because you're not in the office.
  8. Toronto and Vancouver are considered (relatively) expensive cities when you look at the rent and mortgage affordability ratios though... skipping avocado toast and splitting a bedroom doesn’t change that.
  9. I received an update on the Ottawa articling recruit as well. If anyone is interested in this information, DM me and I will relay it you. I have no stake in this game, as I have an articling position, but it is a shame that this information isn’t being widely spread out and equally given in schools across Canada (especially in the current times of economic uncertainty) from what I have heard. I’m not allowed to directly relay the chart to you (which is pretty inconvenient), but I can relay which employers are participating and how many they are intending to hire.
  10. Also! You don’t have to date another lawyer (or law student) just because you’re a lawyer (or law student)!
  11. For the official recruit: Applications are due September 25th. Our CDO posted a chart that included all the (confirmed) firms hiring and how many students. Not very many, but only three confirmed they will not be hiring and the rest of the firms haven’t announced their intentions yet. The chart was updated on Thursday. There are 30 employers who have announced their participation. ~50% of these are public interest/government employers. Altogether, they intend to hire upwards of 34 students. The other ~50% are private firms. Many criminal defence, PI, and insurance defence looking to hire 1-2 students. Note “Bay St” firms for now only include Dentons (intend to hire 1-2), Hicks Morley (intend to hire 3-4), and Beard Winter (intend to hire 1-2). Deloitte, TD Bank, and Torys have submitted that they do not intend to hire for 2020-2021. Outside of the articling recruit: some in-house positions and other firms are still hiring, but still not very many from what I can see on a quick glance of the job aggregator. However there is still time, last year there was about ~25 off-cycle job postings. It does look pretty bad right now. I really hope this does not discourage anyone though. There seem to be many firms who are just waiting for an indication of where this pandemic will go from here, and there is still a lot time between now and September 25th.
  12. What does “having a good pedigree” mean in this context? (English is not my first language although I generally like to think I am very fluent... I’ve only heard this used in the context of breeding dogs and horses and things like that.)
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