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  1. I had this experience as well with my last set of OCIs. I was just happy and eager to be done, and the interviewer even commented on my pleasant personality and energy. I think that was the only time I’ve ever been complimented on those things...
  2. If you’re an alternate off of a wait list for an OCI does that mean you’re unlikely to really make an impression on the firm?
  3. Would like to know as well. Heard back from 1 firm myself (Calgary)
  4. I know in the ViLawPortal listing for one (smaller) firm, they said they were only doing Osgoode/U of T. It was there first time participating in OCIs. I imagine for a lot of first-time firms it might be the same.
  5. If you get a response to your Thank you note from an OCI, that isn’t an ITC (just a Thanks in return) does that mean you are unlikely to get an ITC later on? e.g. is it an inadvertent PFO?
  6. Fasken, Osler, and Goodman emails went out today at U of T. It varies from firm to firm. You’re safe if you make top 20% but the sense I get is anything besides that is a mix of luck, application, and networking. There aren’t any real guarantees.
  7. Depends on the firm, I didn’t look at it too closely but bigger firms usually 40-80. However I imagine it’s subject to change.
  8. Ask your CDO, they should have these numbers. UofT CDO posted them online a while back.
  9. I'm actually more excited about my newly discovered psychic ability.
  10. Had a dream that I started getting PFOs last night... wake up and check my e-mail... Davies PFO. Aug 29. UoT. Please post your PFOs/ITCs in this thread so we can commiserate.
  11. Which Universities let their 1L class decide their schedule?
  12. S/he's joking. I hope. One of the firms (not full service) I am most interested in did this and I don't think they would be throwing my application out this early... I hope...
  13. Thanks for the post. How soon after OCIs are students usually alerted about in-firm interviews? Is there an official call day for them? I couldn't find anything in my schools resources.
  14. Did anyone receive an invite to an OCI-related event via phone but not receive an e-mail about it yet? Feel free to PM.
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