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  1. What practice area if I can ask?
  2. To get this thread back on topic... Heard that a small-mid size firm (that I'm not familiar with so I don't know how to categorized it) has cancelled their student program for the year. They even cleared their website page of mentions of "student".
  3. The people that will be affected the most by this are the people articling this year and next, no? If you're graduating in 2024-2025 this won't affect you negatively as much. Look at the hireback rates for the last recession here and compare them to the rates 4 years later... https://precedentjd.com/hireback-watch/toronto-wide-hireback-numbers/?yr=2009 https://precedentjd.com/hireback-watch/toronto-wide-hireback-numbers/?yr=2013 By the time you graduate things will have recovered. Hopefully. Obviously no guarantees in life.
  4. I've seen more A students with jobs clamouring for this than I have B or C students... B or C students are scared that a mandatory P/F will make them look even worse.
  5. In anxiety-filled times like now, this is very reassuring to hear. Thank you.
  6. What about government and public interest?
  7. How do we think the pandemic will affect hireback rates?
  8. This makes it pretty easy to identify who he is and which firm he’s at. I don’t know if thats supposed to be common knowledge.
  9. No, that was Newfoundland. 🤣 (And also, you'd probably be surprised at how many others I've heard espouse the same sentiments.)
  10. Here in the real world, there are about a hundred more important qualities that come into consideration when choosing a job besides "is this firm a Seven Sister?" and "is this firm on Bay St?" I understand that this may be lost on insecure law students who use this type of condescension as a coping mechanism... Some things people might value more: specialization in a niche practice area, a shorter commute to their family home, promotion of work-life balance, etc. The list goes on and on... I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this because it seems so obvious to me but I'm biting. Is it hard to imagine that someone from Etobicoke may want to stay in Etobicoke? If you're planning on having a couple kids, you usually need a house. Most junior-level Bay St lawyers cannot afford a house in Downtown. Commuting is a strain on both your work and family life. Most people dislike commuting. Commuting from Etobicoke to Downtown toronto is particularly hell, if you've ever tried it. Why not just get started on your life ahead of time, rather than spending needless years downtown just because some law students think this is the way it is done? I have another scenario for you: someone had a job and a life before law school in Etobicoke. They want to be able to bring their previous connections into their practice via business development. It makes sense to start your practice in a firm in Etobicoke, stay there, and use the network of people in your community. Or you know, outside of these niche examples, maybe you just clicked best with the lawyers in Etobicoke. The vast majority of people lateral off of Bay St... you know this right? Probably upwards of 75% after 10 years... are gone... the fact that you're seriously sat here assuming that most people who start outside of Downtown want to lateral into a Bay St position if given the chance is seriously shortsighted and out of touch with reality. Maybe speak to some lawyers off of Bay St? I can think of a dozen I've met who wouldn't give up their positions for anything in the world. I've been living downtown for 3 years now. I go to school downtown. I have taken a job downtown that I picture myself staying at for a really long time. But honestly, it is my love of the firm that is keeping me downtown. They have a satellite office in one of my favorite, less glamorous Canadian cities and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't jealous about all of the lawyers who get to build their practices there. People raised outside of Toronto don't have the same level of attachment to Downtown Toronto. I'm just honestly really confused as to why any of this needs to be explained to a highly intelligent 2L. It seems like common sense and basic levels of emotional intelligence to me... like, you realize some people choose not to become Bay St corporate lawyers... just like how some people choose not to become lawyers at all?
  11. Is there any chance that articling increases as well (next year, etc.)?
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