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  1. Get the email today! cGPA 3.76 & 3.93(Master's); LSAT 165 (Jan); In queue on January 20. Very hard to choose between Oz and UBC...
  2. Thanks and thank you for correcting me, the index is 91.94 ­čśü My GPA is self-calculated based on the GPA transfer table on their website, so I guess is very likely to be accurate. Last week I wrote to ask how they would calculate my GPA, the staff told me that she(he) did not have a chance to count it, but this cycle the UBC would have a heavily-weighted third component.
  3. Accepted 13the February! Pretty happy!!! LSAT 165 (Jan); GPA 84.3%; Index 91.6 self-calculated. New immigrant, Master's degree. 3 years work experience.
  4. Thank you! It's very helpful. I just counted my B3 GPA, it's 3.81. But I don't think a slight rise can make a big difference....> <
  5. Hey guys, I know it's possible some applicants with my LSAT and GPA can be admitted, but I guess my condition is a bit 'special '. I am a permanent resident but got my BA and MA degrees outside Canada. I have nearly three years of working experience as a journalist in my home country. So I guess my softs is OK. I took a gap year since 2019 March, have a part-time job. My questions: 1) Does the U of T will consider a Master's GPA? 2) Do you think the U of T will discriminate against applicants who did not study in Canada? 3) Is it possible that my non-legal work experience can make up for my mediocre LSAT and undergraduate GPA? 4´╝ëWill the gap year put me in disadvantage´╝č Thanks!
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