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  1. Hey, Im currently finishing grade 12 and planning on attending law school in the future but first I need to get my BA but I have a hard time picking a university. The one thing I'm sure of is that I want to study in Toronto which narrows it down to three alternatives, York, U of T or Ryerson. Initially, I had my eyes set on U of T based on what I had heard about student experiences and overall quality but the tuition fees are extremely expensive. I'm not trying to major in debts, law schools expensive enough on its own. Then I turned to York which seemed more affordable, more courses to pick from and aproachable teachers but I would have to deal with a long commute. Last but not least we have Ryerson, not so expensive either and way shorter commute but I don't know if the quality of education is any good? As for the program, I was looking at some criminology or law and society because those are what I enjoy but I can't disregard that I need to get a good GPA to get a chance at law school at all. I also have to keep my options open if Law School does not work out and having a BA in arts or criminology wouldn't be to much help, I need to be able to get a job after uni. Then there is the fact that I would like to work with corporate law, so would a business program be better in the long run? Are there any business & law programs? Should I pick the easiest way to secure good grades? Is U of T worth all that money? Which of the schools offer a more secure environment and a good community? Soo... I would love if anyone that has attended/ is attending either of the schools could share their knowledge and experiences, or any advice at all would be good too! Every opinion is welcomed Thanks in advance
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