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  1. Indeed I do. If you refer to the top of this page you will see that I was talking about a Bond friend of mine who had recently embarked on the solo journey. But since we're getting to know each other, where do you work?
  2. That was less sensitivity, and more so premature posting followed by additional commentary as it arose.
  3. You'll also learn the importance of reading materials carefully. Nowhere in that thread do I say that I thought about, or had done this.
  4. You will learn when you begin your articles the importance of not making assumptions.
  5. I was merely inquiring as a friend of mine contemplated doing this. I'm not in private practice.
  6. I don't know why you immediately assume that I am minimizing how hard it is and the sacrifices one must make to succeed as a new solo. Sensitive...
  7. Instead of questioning whether it would be enough, ask yourself whether you want it bad enough. It's up to you how fast you attain said minimum level of competence. Where you went to law school will have no bearing on your success rate as a fresh solo.
  8. My good friend and fellow Bondie is doing this. It isn't easy but nothing worthwhile is. My advice is to learn as much as you can during articling in the areas that you areas you are interested in before going solo as a new call.
  9. Downtown Toronto. Under 100k. New call.
  10. 37.5 per week. In house for insurance co
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