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  1. 1. Use Cerlox binding. I had the advantage of a binding machine and an unlimited amount of tabs during articling, but you could get it done at Staples for a decent price. 2. Bind each topic separately, with the exception of the rules and the bylaws (together they will make up your PR section). Rules first then bylaws. I did the same thing for the rules and bylaws indices. These are the only topics you will bind together. So in total I had 18 separately bound materials (crim, public, civ lit, family, PR (B), x5 indices (B), real estate, estates, business, PR (S), x4 indices (S). 3. Bind the table of contents and the detail table of contents together. 1 for B and 1 for S. I barely used them. 4. I also made small packages for each section with flowcharts, and most importantly time limitation tables. 5. As for tabbing, I tabbed my materials by chapter number and brief title of the chapter (for e.g in real estate it would say 50, PA). Chapter 50 is the planning Act. Regarding tabbing indices, alphabetical order is the way to go obviously. 6. I found myself adding certain keywords by hand on the indices which were missing from the OLE ones. I don't recall if any of the additions came in handy on the test though.
  2. No I articled at a small firm. Networking is key.
  3. If W/L balance is what you want then seek out in house positions.
  4. And it's usually the same person who posts their bar exam results on social media
  5. One utility is the groups that you can join. I'm a member of some pretty decent ones for lawyers. That said, I feel like Facebook has more useful/practical private lawyer groups. It doesn't make a difference, it's just Facebook for suits.
  6. I updated mine as soon as I signed the employment agreement, which was about two weeks before my start date.
  7. Indeed I do. If you refer to the top of this page you will see that I was talking about a Bond friend of mine who had recently embarked on the solo journey. But since we're getting to know each other, where do you work?
  8. That was less sensitivity, and more so premature posting followed by additional commentary as it arose.
  9. You'll also learn the importance of reading materials carefully. Nowhere in that thread do I say that I thought about, or had done this.
  10. You will learn when you begin your articles the importance of not making assumptions.
  11. I was merely inquiring as a friend of mine contemplated doing this. I'm not in private practice.
  12. Whatever blows your hair back. Let me know what you find
  13. I don't know why you immediately assume that I am minimizing how hard it is and the sacrifices one must make to succeed as a new solo. Sensitive...
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