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  1. Hmm, my school uses percentage, when I just double checked, my self-calculated cGPA without drops is still higher than the value that the office gave me should I call to check or not bother? The status did change to offer.
  2. Hello all, I received confirmation of UBC Admissions' calculation of my cGPA over the phone, and it was actually much lower (by a little less than 4%) than the one I had self-calculated. Would anyone happen to know the "official" calculation method used by the Admissions Office by chance? Any input is greatly appreciated! Edit: When I rounded down all my percentage grades above 90% to 90%, above 85% to 85%, etc..., I did come to the cGPA calculated by the office, without drops.
  3. Hello all, I was just wondering if there is anyone in the forum who has received scholarships from UBC upon admission. If so, what was your GPA / LSAT, and the calculated Index Score?? My GPA with drops is currently sitting around 91%, and I will be taking the LSAT on Monday. Any input would be greatly helpful. Thank you!!
  4. Hello all, I currently have a 161 LSAT score, and a 3.82 cGPA / 3.91 L2, or 88% cGPA (UBC with drops). Taking into account all Canadian law schools, which schools would I be okay feeling comfortable with getting accepted into? I am contemplating taking the LSAT again in July to see if I can raise the score to the high 160s / 170+. My first choice is UBC, but I am also interested in UVic and other Ontario schools. What should I do? I am super lost Thank you in advance for all of your inputs.
  5. Just got a 161 for the March LSAT. Is it worth a retake, or should I take my chances with my current stats?
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