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  1. Think of it this way, if you do pay and lose out on the deposit by getting into another program you're still saving 60+ grand over the next three years
  2. "Dear Incoming Students: We hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you in September. We will continue to update our internal website for you as plans develop. You may expect some updates within the next two weeks following the completion of our space assessment. In the meantime, we are seeking some important information from you. Our current plan is to deliver a mostly in-person first-year Law experience. However, we recognize the need to accommodate students whose personal circumstances are such that attending classes in person would be unduly challenging in these extraordinary times or put them at risk. For those students, we are contemplating creating an entirely online first year. If this describes your situation, please take a brief moment to complete this survey by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. We will be in touch again soon and thank you for your patience as we work to ensure a positive experience for all of you this upcoming year"
  3. OLSAS will count it as two courses if it counts as two credits to your school. I had a 6.0 credit course in one semester (Queen's uses 3.0/6.0 for semester/full year) and it was counted at the full amount.
  4. While I know this question and your experience is Osgoode specific, would you say this is generally true of most schools in Ontario?
  5. Just some food for thought: To be totally honest I almost missed my offer in RAMSS, and I have a feeling I wasn't the only one. I let the offer expire in OUAC instead of officially rejecting it. Ryerson sent me a notification a few days after (maybe April 5th? Dates and time hold no meaning anymore) to give me a second chance to accept and told me to respond within 2 weeks if I wanted to reclaim the offer. This would mean the April 1st deadline for my spot wasn't firmly rejected until the end of April. I think I've seen others post the same. There may have been a bit of a mix up on their end, which would explain radio silence for new offers for 6 weeks.
  6. The devastation of being waitlisted and rejected last year really encouraged me to kick my ass into gear. I didn't have the most stellar CGPA and taking two years away from school I think has really made me miss education and know I'll be able to devote myself in September. The slap in the face reality provides might be the incentive you need to kill the LSAT. I honestly just grew as a person, not even as an applicant and I can't believe I ever considered entering 1L immediately after my undergrad. Here's the thing, when you walk into 1L nobody will know how many attempts it took you to get there. You can lie and tell everyone you're one of those assholes that decided to write the LSAT and apply as a last minute decision.
  7. I think 7Sage has since removed all of the "free" Logic Games videos, LSAC made them pull them all off YouTube last November, RIP That being said, OP I definitely back it. I went from a diagnostic of 147 to PTing in the mid 160's. I pretty much exclusively used 7Sage and a couple textbooks of practice tests. The course sets out a study schedule based on the date you're writing/how many hours a week you want to study, and helps diagnose what question types you're struggling with. It's a good start and you can then add extra textbooks in to supplement where you feel you are lacking! Best of luck.
  8. In terms of stats, barely. I gained 2 points on a rewrite so am applying with a 159 this cycle. That being said I think my softs were a lot better this time around, I added a much better reference and imo really improved my PSE. I took a gamble re-applying, thought it might make an impact with their holistic process.
  9. In my experience last year there didn't seem to be a lot of movement, but this year with everything going on you really can't compare. I was waitlisted Jan 31st last cycle and was officially declined June 26th. This year I was waitlisted a whole week earlier!!!!! On the 24th and I'm not holding my breath. That being said, I really wasn't considered competitive so keep that in mind...
  10. This is my second cycle applying, first to Western! Last year I applied to Queen's, Ottawa and Calgary and got waitlisted across the board. I applied General
  11. Accepted March 26th! I didn't get an email but saw it in my RAMSS. CGPA 3.25 B2/L2 3.73 LSAT 157, 159 I have rejected the offer, best of luck friends ☺
  12. Accepted Wednesday afternoon! I really was surprised as I've only heard back from Ryerson and Calgary prior to this. cGPA 3.25 (😬) B2/L2 3.73* LSAT 157 (Sep 2018) & 159 (Nov 2019)
  13. Did they update your UofC portal or via email? Sorry to hear friend
  14. Former Queen's student here! Don't do it! You won't think it's far from campus until you realize how close everyone else will be. The building has had extensive problems in the past. Look up 663 Princess... That's the same company, they just rebranded because there was so much negative press about them. This is the company that had their crane operator rescued via helicopter when the place caught on fire a few years ago you can find nicer grad apartments in the downtown area that will be much more affordable.
  15. Did you apply access or general? Congrats!
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