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  1. Its obviously not that clear if people in this thread said there is a fall study week in second and third year that is not indicated on their website.
  2. Because as someone else wrote in this thread I knew they recently changed reading week regulations and didn’t know if it would overturn for law students as well. It was actually an extremely valid question. Someone in this thread also said there is a fall study week in second and third year, info you did not get from reading the dates online. Maybe read people’s questions before giving answers and trying to argue LOL
  3. Exactly, I asked for INPUT not a reference to something I said I already read. If you don’t have any input what’s the point of you writing in this thread lol?
  4. Lol did you not see I wrote that I already looked at that? Obviously anyone can look up the sessional dates.
  5. Hi all, I noticed that other schools like Windsor have a fall reading week, but I don't see one in Western's dates (just one in February). Can anyone comment on this? Do law students get any time off in the fall semester?
  6. It’s actually not weird at all...if you look at the threads from previous years a lot of people aren’t put on the waitlist until May and same with rejections. They come out on a rolling basis, they don’t do lol waitlist offers the same day. Same as acceptances and rejections.
  7. Which group?? I’m trying to search on FB but only the specific class groups the school makes are what comes up
  8. Hi everyone, I know this is kind of a dumb question, but I'm aiming to apply to law school in the fall and don't really understand the grading. In my undergrad none of our classes were graded on a curve (I know some business classes were). As someone who doesn't have a business background and isn't fantastic with numbers, I'm hoping someone here can explain to me in simple terms how the curved grading in law school works. Also, I know different schools have different medians (B, B+), what is good vs. bad to have as a median? Thanks in advance!!
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