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  1. accepted this morning off waitlist thru email.
  2. just got accepted off the waitlist.
  3. didnt bother asking TRU. Im sure its gonna be the same answer. they saw my transcript and they were aware of my status. its sad but thats life I guess.
  4. No. I applied as a new student, not a transferee. They cant credit my grades from the Philippines because it was civil law, thats what UVic told me.
  5. lsat - 160, grades - i dont know how they converted my grades from the Philippines. i was a law student there. I was waitlisted last April 17. ☹️ Do you know if there has been any movement aside from that one acceptance from the waitlist?
  6. ugh. i just wish people were considerate enough to inform the school as soon as theyve decided to go a different path. Its so hard putting my entire life on a hold while waiting for TRU’s acceptance or rejection
  7. Has anyone heard anything from leanne recently? 😫
  8. waitlisted as well just this afternoon, i got the email at 2:30pm. lsat:160 not sure how they converted my GPA, as my transcript was from a Philippine University. has tru rejected anybody yet?
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