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  1. Can anyone speak more about the clinic opportunities at western? I'm interested in crim, so I've been looking at the pro-bono one and CLS. I've been hearing that Western has less spots available in their clinics than other schools but also that because of the small class size this isn't always an issue. What are the odds of getting a spot in one of these clinics in first year? I don't have any law background and have a more unconventional work background so I'm worried that the lack of experience will affect my chances of getting a spot in one of these clinics.
  2. Thanks for the info! Is there anything specifically they'd be looking for on a resume? Is it important to have work/volunteer experience in the clinics area?
  3. How competitive are the intensives/clinics? Do most people get into them or is it really selective? I'm specifically interested in the crim one, but would be interested to know in general as well what the odds are of getting into them!
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone! Sorry, I didn't realize there was a similar post in the school comparisons forum.. I am more interested in Criminal Law, however I don't want to box myself into that too much at this point. I feel like my interests could easily change after first year.
  5. Does it make a difference what law school you go to? Choosing between Osgoode and Western. From my point of view, Osgoode has a much better reputation and would therefore be a better choice. However I've been told that at the end of the day it wouldn't make a difference in getting a job - employers will look either at your grades or just your personality when hiring. I know there's not a huge difference in tuition between the schools (24k vs 28k),but Western would be significantly cheaper due to being able to live at home. Osgoode has been my first choice from the beginning - I love Toronto and want to work there in the future so to me Osgoode makes more sense. But would I be stupid to put myself in a lot more debt just for those reasons alone?
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