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  1. On a more topical note, how has the work of a Crown changed as a result of covid?
  2. I had already done my undergrad so I just got a direct acceptance (last year). My understanding is that, if you're in your final semester, you will get a conditional acceptance.
  3. Had the same stats as you and I got in last year. Also from the UofR, and I think I'm pretty sure I have the same degree as you. There's only so many people you could be, given that you served two terms as president of URSU.
  4. On the bright side, having your thumb up your ass might prevent you from speaking out of it.
  5. I think the expectation is that you'll probably use the gaps to do something called "reading". Of course, you're fully entitled to sit there with your thumb up your ass like the "grown up" you are.
  6. 70k is on the pretty low end. That's only 23k/year for tuition and living expenses. If you think you're capable of actually living that frugally, just live that way right now before you go to school. Pay off debt and save. You make 75k right now, so maybe try to live like you make 50k (or whatever) and aggressively save/pay off debt with the rest. When you have a good starting amount (maybe 1-2 years expenses) saved up after debt is paid, you could then go to law school. That way, if you decide you don't like it, you can cut your losses without debt and walk away. If you do like it, taking on only 2ish years of law school debt will be a lot easier than 3 years of debt plus prior debt.
  7. I think the college automatically registers 1st year students. Seeing as how it seems usask does things relatively late, I'd guess we'll find out our sections during orientation.
  8. First of all, I appreciate the impressively quick response. Okay I see, that makes a lot more sense and that is what I was expecting. How do you withdraw the money or use it to pay bills? Do you access it in online banking and send money to your account?
  9. So I just finished meeting with Scotia and I was approved for the classic 135k at prime + bank account and credit cards. I was told, however, that the money would come to me in 3 big yearly disbursements deposited into the bank account, which i assume would immediately begin to build interest. How does this work? I was under the impression that I could somehow access the funds and transfer money to my bank account as needed. Am I fundamentally misunderstanding how the psloc works? The way I'm being told, it sounds like I will accrue a huge amount more interest than I would like. My intent was to barely use it for my first year and fund myself through my savings and government loans. Can people with experience with these PSLoCs help me out a bit? Am I confused or is my representative?
  10. I think your privilege is showing by thinking "working your ass off" results in the same outcome for all people. For my parents, working their ass off meant literally working hard labour for dollars a day while trying to feed their child and persistently applying for refugee status for years until they got accepted. And then when you get where you're going, you work basic jobs (where customers treat you like literal garbage, call you a terrorist, etc) because you spent your young years working and trying to keep your children fed and get them to a better country, and not necessarily expanding your skills. Then your kid goes to college and works their ass off, you can't afford to help them, and they take on loans. As a result, that $100,000 saved from loans probably ensures an earlier retirement or higher quality lifestyle for one party. So tell me, if two sets of parents both work their asses off to get to the same place, but one had a huge head start and consequently their children didn't need to take on huge loans and has an easier after-law-school life, what does that arise from if not an inherent privilege or advantage for one party? I should specify, I'm not sure where I stand on white privilege, however I believe someone has to be delusional to say that any sort of majority privilege doesn't exist.
  11. You can see last year's 1L fall schedule here: https://law.usask.ca/documents/students/jd/2018-2019-first-year-T1-timetable.pdf
  12. Thanks for doing this. 1. Your most and least enjoyable classes in 1L and why? 2. What was the most surprising thing about 1L/Usask for you? 3. What was a huge time-sink that you don't think helped you very much in the end? 4. How are summer employment opportunities? I have seen at least a few with 1L positions, which makes me think it may be more common than in other schools. 5. How was going through 1L while having a partner? Did it strain your relationship much?
  13. I just wanna add that you should be checking your junk mail as well. Mine went straight to junk.
  14. Can confirm. Am 0L and spooked.
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