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  1. Rejected Olsas gpa 3.75, 4.0 L2, lsat 156
  2. Still waiting. March 5. CGPA: 3.75 L2: 4.0 LSAT: 156
  3. I think the Jan lsat should still be fine. I wrote mine and finally increased my score just recently in March (which I feel has put me behind a lot) so i think I should be more worried than you for sure!! Good luck:)
  4. 3.75cGPA l2 4.0 and lsat 145,147 and 156 (March) I know my lsat still isn’t the best but I think my other stats are pretty good and still haven’t heard anything. I think at this point a rejection is more likely but still not certain. Fingers crossed for us!
  5. For those rejected, when did you go into queue?
  6. It appears us March People haven’t heard anything... hmmmm good or bad who knows lmao
  7. Anyone who went into queue around March 5 hear anything back yet?
  8. I suck. Lol. PT’s go well and then test day comes and bam... self-confidence destroyed.
  9. Western and Windsor! Rejected from Western(expected) waiting for Windsor. Good luck with your other schools and congrats if you’ve been accepted elsewhere!
  10. Thank you! I took the March LSAT so waiting for results. If not this year then next year!
  11. Ahh I’m so sorry to hear that. I agree. Just carrying my false sense of hope until I get that rejection as well lol
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