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  1. Thank you for the reply it is really appreciated! Just to clarify, my program actually does not allow us to take courses that are less than 2000 level starting 3rd year and no less than 3000 level starting 4th year. Its just that language courses can be taken at any level. So that's why I will have two 1000 level courses in my third year as I am taking two language courses alongside my 3 level 3000/4000 courses. I am going to try calling admissions as well but they never answer for some reason, I tried calling them 3 days now this week and haven't heard any response, (which is why I made this post).
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows if UofT looks negatively on online courses taken during the academic year. I understand that UofT does not consider summer courses in their GPA calculations, and was wondering if they do the same for online courses. Also, another question, at my school, introductory language courses are 1000 level and you can take them in your third and fourth year since language courses are not restricted. Will UofT just see that introductory level course and have it negatively impact my grades, or will they understand that it is a language course, and view it differently, despite the introductory level? Thanks in advance.
  3. Just an update after the first 2 weeks so far, I finished reading around 400 pages of the lsat trainer and did all the practice drills in their book and I think I got a much better understanding of the fundamentals. Still have around 150 pages left, but going to start focusing on drilling now to build the habits. Last weekend I also did PT62 and scored a 162 so feels pretty good so far. Just need to start drilling as my target is going to be around (167-170)
  4. Thanks, I'll be sure to give 7sage a look. And I completely agree with you on your point, I'm just trying to read through the LSAT Trainer just to get a solid base of understanding and then see which areas I need to focus on and target them specifically. I also need to really practice on time. I think first though I'm just trying to get a base understanding and then from there I'll target the more specific weaknesses. Also, just a question. How would you gauge whether you are understanding the content you learn vs just reading it? I am assuming I'll be able to test my understanding when I drill sections of the Preptests, is that correct?
  5. Yeah, I also just finished my second year so I still have all of third year summer worst case scenario. Also thanks for the suggestion. By 7 sage do you mean watching their free videos on how they solved the previous games? Or do I have to pay to get what you reccomend?
  6. Hey thanks for the reply, I think you have captured what I am going to be doing. I registered for the July 2019 LSAT and I will most likely treat it as a practice and will take it in September if I do not score above 167. However, I am still studying seriously for the July 2019 one. So I commute for a total of 2 hours a day on the train and I have been reading the LSAT trainer. At work for lunch break I spend around an additional hour of studying, and then when I get home I spend another 2 hours before I sleep. So in total on weekdays Im spending around 5 hours per day preparing. On weekends I am planning on taking 2 prep tests and then doing blind review for each. So in total I am most likely hitting around 30-35 hours a week of studying. I got all my books on friday and so far I have read 200 pages of the LSAT Trainer (50pgs/day) and completed in the drills in the book. Once I finish the LSAT Trainer I'll see this weekend if I am improving on my PTs and then noting down which areas need improvement. If I'm not scoring near perfect on logic games I'll probably read the powerscore logic games bible. If its LR/RC I will note down which questions I am getting wrong and drill similar types. Again, I'm not too worried about July, as I will be able to take another free retake until April 2020, I just hope I can get my desired score in time.
  7. I checked the LSAC website and it says you can cancel regardless of format
  8. Thank you for the reply! So I found a 12 week schedule from the LSAT Trainer, and I think I will buy the book tomorrow to follow the study schedule with. I'll probably have to study during my lunch breaks at work and do the bulk of the studying in the weekend. Also would you happen to know if there are any downsides to taking the July LSAT other than costs? Do you think I should register for it since it will be the only one that allows a preview before cancellation? Or do law schools (more specifically UofT), think of it as negatively?
  9. Hey everyone, I just completed the June 2007 LSAT diagnostic test and scored a 156. Section 1 (Logic Games) I got -5 Section 2 (Logical Reasoning) I got -8 Section 3 (Logical Reasoning) I got -10 Section 4 (Reading Comprehension) I got -6 So it seems that logical reasoning is my weakest point, however I took very long on the logic games section. I also noticed that for the logical reasoning ones that I got wrong, I would generally be deciding between two options that were so close to each other. Any advice on how I should study? The issue is that right now I am interning at a law firm for the summer and I am not sure what I should be doing each week given the fact that I do not have that much free time. Also I am not sure if I should take the LSAT this July, it seems tempting due to the fact that there is an option to cancel after you preview your score. So my concern is that with work, is there a reasonable way that I can prepare for the July 2019 LSAT, and if so, what would be the best way to attain a high score? If not, should I just take the test in third year summer when I am more prepared? Also just a bit of additional information, I am going into my third year and my cGPA is currently 3.84. UofT is my top choice and I would really love some advice on the best way to increase my LSAT score. I would appreciate any help, and please let me know if you would like more information. Thanks in advance!
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