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  1. Got the call earlier today, super excited. Stats: 162 LSAT, 3.5 GPA and average softs.
  2. Wrote it November but due to some issues the results did not make it to any universities till February. I am sure that hurt my chances at quite a few schools. From Under Evaluation.
  3. Yea but fairly below average stuff. 1 year of office work in a semi related field, 2 clubs in uni that were legal debate teamish things, and volunteering at a homeless shelter. Better than nothing but not like i was a paralegal or anything. Why do you ask?
  4. Yea thats out of 4.0 Thank you very much. Hope to get in next year.
  5. Everytime i send an email i get told that my file will be updated within a week. Its been months. Has everyone else been moved from Under Evaluation?
  6. I am still under evaluation. I've given up hope for this cycle but am still really interested in seeing how long it will take to get any response from Ottawa at all.
  7. Yea its amazing how little movement there is compared to previous years. Might be that the class is actually staying full or that admin is just behind on sending out more acceptances.
  8. I am. I think there are still quite a few of us unfortunately.
  9. I don’t think they even know anymore. I’ve seen other peoples emails that say everyone should be updated by the end of the week. Like 3 weeks ago people were receiving emails saying everyone's files would be updated before July. There is seemingly no relation between what they say and what actually happens.
  10. Don’t say things like that. I can only have my hopes risen and crushed so many times.
  11. Got a very fast response by email. "Thank you for contacting the Admissions' Office of the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. f If you applied to participate as a first-year in the JD program, all files have been evaluated and pending status update. Since the update process is done manually, it may take a week or so to finish entering the data in the system. However, we are still evaluating upper year applications, therefore if you applied as a transfer student, letter of permission (LOP), NAC, etc. your file will be finalized most likely by next week as we needed to wait until our Vice-Dean came back from vacation."
  12. I've emailed admissions about the rest of us who are still under evaluation. Nothing yet but will post if any new information arises. Its absurd that we are halfway through July and there are so many of us that have legitimately no idea where we stand. Until last week I would have assumed that anyone still under evaluation should expect a rejection but 2-3 people skipped the wait list entirely and were straight admitted. At this point I am not convinced that they actually got through all of the applications or else why not just move people to wait list, rejection or accepted?
  13. I am still under evaluation and know some others that are as well. It is concerning but you are not alone. Would still contact them though.
  14. Yea that happened to me yesterday. I am fairly sure i've seen others say that they send waitlist updates over email but i cannot be sure.
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