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  1. I don't think so... Pretty sure it's just a waiting game from there.
  2. Yes, exactly! Your student number will be in your official offer letter which is sent via mail.
  3. Thank you! I figured it out. The reason I was confused was because I hadn't received my official offer letter yet (only email) which contained my student number and that's what I needed in order to apply!
  4. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has applied for housing in Osgoode Chambers yet and how you went about doing so? The website indicates that your York email is required to apply for housing, but I have yet to receive this information. If you have already applied, can you please shed light on approximately how long I would have to wait after my acceptance until I receive my York email/student number and if this information is sent via email or regular mail? Thanks!
  5. Accepted! Went into queue January 8th. GPA: 3.55 LSAT: 154 General category.
  6. My question to this is - how are we to apply for Osgoode Chambers if we don't receive our Osgoode email until July?
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