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  1. Hi there, I would really appreciate if my concerns are answered on this platform. There are a lot of intellectual people on this forum who have years of experience in the legal field. Any advice or suggestion from your end would be of great value to me. There are several law schools in Australia such as Uni of Melbourne, Sydney, Monash , etc – and all of them are highly reputed law schools. But if we talk about just these two law schools in Australia in Gold Coast that offer the Canadian Law Program – GRIFFITH & BOND. Both are esteemed universities. Canadian Law Program - Bond VS Griffith BOND is a smaller (private) university with not that great of a global presence. But there have been over 1000 Canadians that have graduated from BOND’S Canadian Law Program. Also, BOND is known for its smaller class size and excellent student reviews. Its tuition fee is higher than Griffith though. On the other hand, GRIFFITH is much higher in rank when compared with BOND, the tuition fee is less than BOND and has a much known global presence as well. If we compare BOND & GRIFFITH on basis if education level, student-prof ratio, scholarships opportunities, campus life, infrastructure and campus facilities,etc which one outshines the other ? Being so well informed & close to the profession and academics, if people from this portal can guide me – pick one of the two esteemed universities, I would highly appreciate any suggestion or recommendation. Thanks
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