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  1. If they really impacted your grades and you can corroborate your claim - I would advise rethinking your reluctance.
  2. Unlikely to be admitted under access with a 3.27 cgpa + 3.39 L2/B2 @ Queen's or Western. https://law.queensu.ca/programs/jd/class-stats You can take a look at the average B2 gpa under the access category for the 2022 class @ Queen's. Also, only 8% of the class was accepted under the access category. I wouldn't rely on an access claim to bridge the gap between your current marks and the averages.
  3. Don't feel like you need to retake a course from first year if you think there is another course you could do better in. Retakes don't alter your OLSAS gpa any differently than a new course as your original mark and retaken mark are both used in the calculation. It's difficult to give advice regarding admissions if you don't have an LSAT score, but I can tell you a 3.27 cgpa and a 3.39 L2 is not really competitive at Ontario law schools (without an LSAT of ~170) As a general applicant, you'd likely need to get your cgpa over 3.3 and your LSAT near or over 160 for a chance at a school like Windsor or Ryerson (you would also need to satisfy what they are looking for in their holistic admission criteria) Your chances at Queen's/Western seem unlikely unless you can get your calculated L2/B2 to ~3.6 or over and score ~160 or over on your LSAT. If you're set on law school and your stats remain similar, maybe begin to look at out of province schools. Good Luck
  4. Hmmmm are those your OLSAS calculated gpas? Seems like it'd be very unlikely for someone not to be accepted with those stats. (assuming their personal statement isn't horrendous or has a significant error)
  5. Would you buy an apple product in 1976? Probably not. 44 years later in 2020 maybe. Bad analogy.
  6. From my experience: no response at this point means waitlist or rejection. I wouldn't hold my breath for an acceptance. BUT it may be different any year because it's never an admission committee's intention to leave candidates without a response so late in the cycle. Really depends on if it is a regular or irregular delay in their admissions process.
  7. Are there areas in business/corporate law that allow you to eventually go solo or maybe with another partner(s)? (other than real-estate)
  8. I'm not sure about specific emails to incoming 1Ls. The dean has been giving daily/weekly email updates since mid-March when the pandemic began and classes first shifted online. There was an email that came out last week to current law students at uOttawa that stated details about their decision to move online for the fall semester. If you would like to see that email PM me.
  9. If you're able to sufficiently do work at home, I don't believe you'll be disadvantaged by not being in Ottawa. Dean Dodek said in an email that the fall term will be completely administered online. Professors will keep this in mind when designing course materials and evaluation. There may be opportunities to attend optional in-person lectures, but in my opinion this is unlikely for the fall semester. Even if they if in-person lectures occur, it's likely they will also be accessible online knowing that all students won't be able to attend. In my 1 year at uOttawa, I've noticed that the school makes great efforts to help students through necessary accommodations and the way they have handled this COVID-19 situation has put student's minds, myself included, at ease. They understand the impact it has on students & faculty and when the time comes to resume "normal" law school at uOttawa, I am sure they will implement a reasonable plan on a reasonable timeline (keeping in mind many student do not live in Ottawa and their ability to find living accommodations).
  10. It really depends on what type of learner you are. I certainly did not read and brief every case myself. I used upper year's summaries to assist myself in making my own summaries and notes because the cases are the same and I didn't find the cost/benefit of doing it myself worth it for specific cases/classes. I read + briefed cases that I did not understand through summaries or that I needed for a class. But everyones different. Could I have gotten better grades if I read and briefed every case for every class myself? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on your learning style - in my opinion, however, reading + briefing EVERY case for EVERY course is not required to be successful.
  11. Here are some details about 1L courses that may help you: Thematic courses are only offered in the winter semesters and are only one semester long. Dispute Resolution is only (to my knowledge) offered during the January Intensive Term - but you will have some classes and P/F assignments due during the Fall term. Property is only (to my knowledge) offered during the fall semester and is only one semester long, 10% of your property grade will be assessed through a group "quiz" during your January Dispute Resolution class. The rest of the courses for 1L are year round, with a break during the January Term.
  12. uOttawa? Do our transcripts even have a cgpa calculated on it?
  13. My 1L grades from uOttawa are: Crim: A- Torts: B+ PubCon: B+ Legal Foundations: B+ Elective: B+ Dispute Resolution: B+ Contracts: B Property: B What are my prospects for OCIs at Bay Street firms based on my grades? I feel like I have a solid application outside of grades, in terms of work experience and ECs during undergrad and law school. Additionally: How do firms look at transcripts?: Do they calculate an average? Put more emphasis on courses worth more credits (black letter law courses)? Any insight on my grades and advice on what I can do on the road towards OCIs would be greatly appreciated! Also - any thoughts on how COVID-19 will effect OCIs this year would be interesting to discuss. I am sure it will at least impact the timing of OCIs.
  14. Do Bay St. firms put strong emphasis at which class the grades are in? I have almost identical 1L grades at uOttawa as well.
  15. My girlfriend (uottawa) heard from the Fasken Tax internship today for an interview. Are the other two Fasken internships also out? Have not heard from any other of the above employers.
  16. Looks pretty good steady freddy - most likely in when playoffs start.
  17. Where are you getting 2019 stats from?
  18. Do any upper years at uOttawa mind sharing summaries from their 1L classes? Having trouble making connections with upper years, summaries would greatly help me manage some time (esp during first semester) Please let me know in a PM! - I'd greatly appreciate it.
  19. It being "cancelled" should not be a glitch, it should show up for those who had a provisional acceptance turn firm to another school. If this is not the case, then it may be a glitch - however, I don't suspect this.
  20. I feel like admissions office is being overly vague with their answers to you guys. Either that or this is potentially another mess up year. It does not make sense for them to make a waitlist past the firm acceptance deadline, or even this close to it. They would be accepting "weaker" applicants instead of stronger applicants who have probably received offers from other schools, but would decline in favour of Ottawa should they receive an acceptance before the firm date. Unless, the class is actually almost full and this year is unlike those in the past for uOttawa - meaning they would not be using the waitlist much to fill their seats.
  21. Choosing between Comparative Health Systems Law and Policy with Coleen Flood and Immigration Health Law with Yin Yuan Chen. Any insight on either of these?
  22. Anyone also still waiting on a response? (Access or General)
  23. To me it seems as if they are either: a) very behind this cycle b) attempting to reduce the class size from prior years c) as bad administratively as people say on this forum d) all of the above
  24. Is there a benefit to taking a specific small group?
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