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  1. It being "cancelled" should not be a glitch, it should show up for those who had a provisional acceptance turn firm to another school. If this is not the case, then it may be a glitch - however, I don't suspect this.
  2. I feel like admissions office is being overly vague with their answers to you guys. Either that or this is potentially another mess up year. It does not make sense for them to make a waitlist past the firm acceptance deadline, or even this close to it. They would be accepting "weaker" applicants instead of stronger applicants who have probably received offers from other schools, but would decline in favour of Ottawa should they receive an acceptance before the firm date. Unless, the class is actually almost full and this year is unlike those in the past for uOttawa - meaning they would not be using the waitlist much to fill their seats.
  3. Choosing between Comparative Health Systems Law and Policy with Coleen Flood and Immigration Health Law with Yin Yuan Chen. Any insight on either of these?
  4. Anyone also still waiting on a response? (Access or General)
  5. To me it seems as if they are either: a) very behind this cycle b) attempting to reduce the class size from prior years c) as bad administratively as people say on this forum d) all of the above
  6. Is there a benefit to taking a specific small group?
  7. To current and former uOttawa law students: Any suggestions with profs or first year courses? good/bad experiences? Also any suggestions on thematic courses? Are they all of the same difficulty or are any known to be "easier" or "harder" than the rest [to achieve a higher mark]. (I know many will say take a course that interests you, but I'd like to know about experiences that former students have had)
  8. Are grades at law schools equal? Ex. is a B+ at Windsor equal to a B+ at Ottawa or Osgoode? In terms of looking at them as employers or for transfers.
  9. Is there a strong interest in corporate law among your 1L class in terms of career goals? What is the curve for 1L classes?
  10. Declined. Best of luck to those waiting.
  11. How is the reputation for Corporate/Business Law?
  12. So its just waitlist that we're waiting on? No additional acceptance waves?
  13. Thanks for that website link. I'm open to extending the price range a bit and see a lot of options there. Are there any specific buildings that a lot of law students live in?
  14. What are some nice studio/one bedroom apartment/condos near UOttawa and the law building? I've heard of The Carson and that many law students choose to live there - are there any others? Preferred to be furnished and ~$1200/month or less.
  15. I live in the GTA, so neither school provides a location benefit. My goal is to summer and article at a corporate law firm in Toronto - I know a lot depends on my performance in law school to reach these goals. However, I need to make a decision: Which should I choose? Pros/Cons? I'm kinda leaning towards Ottawa due to: -Cleaner, nicer city -Longer Reputation -I see more people from Ottawa at Bay St. firms (mid-sized and big) than Windsor - although there may be various reasons for this
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