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  1. Hey Everyone! If you had a Toronto interview can you inbox me today please? Today was the last day and when I had mine. The front desk ladies were telling me there were interviews happening simultaneously and I just kind of smiled and nodded. I just want to know if we had the same people
  2. That’s wild.. how many people are still in queue at Osgoode?
  3. Okay I’m still pending.. but I’m pretty sure I will be rejected too..
  4. @Jen93I would call them regardless if they said that to you. You have nothing to lose trying!
  5. Congratulations! I love seeing access students get in! Could you please share how you were informed? Email etc.
  6. My apologies for the unintended confusion. No, the individual made general statements on why an applicant may have not been reviewed yet. All of which should have not been relevant in my case if they had read the supporting documentation from my university. Feel free to inbox me if you have any questions. General reasons can include CGPA, L2, LSAT etc. No preferential treatment here.. nor would that be ethical.
  7. Nothing of the sort and I doubt it tbh. I don’t want to share the my seriously messed up situation since it will give away my identity. What I can share, in the broadest way possible is: Queens had requested documentation from my school, to confirm an error (that was not my fault). I was told to follow up with Queens (which I tried to many tines) once it was sent. Today I managed to finally get through to that particular individual and asked if everything was okay? Confirming they received it and understood it. It seemed like they did not understand it... The point I was trying to make is. Not all schools will carefully* review your documents. So if you’re seriously concerned about something reach out. Mine was pretty significant so please use your discretion. I don’t want to debate about this. It’s been a hard situation. But I would be happy to briefly divulge over inbox to reassure you. Rooting for all of us remaining!
  8. I have an update. I spoke on the phone with Admissions today. They said we will all know where we stand over the next three weeks**. They are in the process of finalizing the waitlist. We will be hearing back on a rolling basis over these three weeks. This pertains to everyone, not just access. Their class is literally very full. They don’t expect movement. It seem like admittance is rare if you haven’t heard back already. They gave me some insight on what’s going on with my app. .. all I can/feel comfortable advising is if there is any discrepancies that you think you addressed in an addendum. Literally call them and re-explain the situation...
  9. Congratulations @vakeel and thanks for letting us know. 🙏🏻 Once again ... Movement is extremely unlikely. I spoke to the admissions office on May 31st in the afternoon. As mentioned in an earlier post she emphasized the wait pool is very large... and if any movement happened it would have happened already since June 1 has passed. The Facebook group is almost at 190, we can assume the rest of the students don’t use Facebook (myself included), I had to use a friends account 😅. So those people who did get offers off the waitlist are not in this group. Only ~40 of us are on this waitlist thread. People who have been admitted either on or off waitlist, made an account after the fact. I am not trying to be a negative Nancy, but it’s important to have realistic expectations and plan accordingly. I also have strong sources who confirmed that “only 2 people were given offers in July (2017/2018) during that cycle.”
  10. I live under 15km from Osgoode and if I don’t take the 407, I can’t guarantee I will be on time even if I give myself an hour. If you can make a 407 and parking pass budget that’s awesome. I also should mention that York has a carpooling program. I have personally never used it or know much about it, beyond it being encouraged by the University. It might help take a dent off the cost of 407, parking and save the environment. Otherwise, the GoBus as @emtee mentioned. Since I live closer I would be using the ViVa bus (if I were admitted*), as it has its own lane and can skip traffic during rush hour. Not sure if your bus system connects to that in a efficient way. You got this @Lawgineer! Don’t leave your kids you may just be tired from the commute everyday. Study on campus then rest on the public transit back home.
  11. I wish we had the stats, I left a voicemail on Friday. I will let you know if they follow-up.
  12. My CGPA is 3.75 and L2 3.86. I really don’t think it’s anything other than being access.. it seriously makes me sick to my stomach.
  13. No news for me still.. any updates for anyone else?
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