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  1. Nope I don’t have any :(. Sorry!
  2. Inbox me if you want to know how many spots are left for the DUAL JD. I don’t want to give away my identity but I can confirm it’s a number below 5. I’ll answer any questions about how I know this over PM. Praying for you all.
  3. Did anyone receive a pretty Admissions package.. pretty bummed that I didn’t.. I remember for undergrad they used to send us really nice ones..
  4. When did you all apply for the transfer? Is it better to do it before November 1st? Also is it hard to transfer from certain programs?
  5. If anyone is still unsure, you can always call or email the “cashiers office”. They are the one responsible for this.
  6. Any advice on places to live for law students?
  7. My OASIS updated on July 19th saying I’ve been removed from the waitlist due to accepting another offer. Bummed my Osgoode dreams are over but grateful to be going to law school. Wishing everyone still on the waitlist all the best my fingers are crossed for you! Hopefully this opens another spot for you all.
  8. Has anyone lived in the single Laurier residence rooms for 1L? I just want to live on campus and due to the meal plan.
  9. Yes and no. According to their records that was the date of their decision and my letter is reflective of that. But it did not show up on OLSAS until 3 days before the deadline so July 10th.. so you can imagine my surprise that I suddenly see an offer. I mentioned the glitch to both Stephanie and Christina. Once again, they really are very lovely and kind. They explained it may be due to the registrars new system but if you have an offer, they will personally follow-up with you. Both Windsor and Detroit called me 48 hours before and sent emails so you will know for sure.
  10. Stephanie is back today. That is probably why. My offer was made July 2nd but the decision was made July 1st. Not sure if there were other offers after.. but our deadline for getting our I-20 (sort of like a USA student visa, but visa is not the right term) was on the 19th. We pick up our 1-20 on August 13 or 14th. Our orientation starts a few days later. Just to give you all an idea of the timeline of milestones ahead. The dual program seems really responsive, I think they will be honest about whether they are full or not.
  11. My student number is the same as the one given to me when I applied for Windsor’s single jd program. I also spoke to Christina who confirmed that. Not sure about Detroit mercy though
  12. Agreed. Christina gave me mine which allowed me to pay my deposit since I was doing it over etransfer. Be a bit patient with her because she’s covering Stephanie for the week so it’s a bit overwhelming. Can’t wait to meet you all!
  13. Off the waitlist. Since I accepted another offer. It says cancelled as of July 15th hopefully someone else gets my spot.
  14. Yes! I agree. I’m actually so amazed by how lovely and supportive the staff are there. I think we are in great hands!
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