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  1. I you maintain the 3.8 you definitely have the stats to get into U of T barring a really terrible PS (I did w a lower GPA and 166 LSAT). However, you're on the cusp for a lot of T14 American schools. If that's something you're interested in I'd say go for it, but if U of T is your top choice focusing on your PS and your grades rather than an LSAT retake is the more prudent decision.
  2. @Notnotadog fellow incoming 1L here. My tuition deposit also looks like account credit in ACORN. I emailed admissions and got this response: The $500 deposit will not be added to your fees until mid-July when fees are applied to your ACORN account. That is why you see a $500CR on ACORN right now. Your fees are not going to be seen until this time, so you will not be able to pay your minimum fees (fall fees) or defer your fees based on having applied for Government Student Loans until that time as well. When that happens, then you will move from being Invited to Registered. So currently you are not a registered student but invited to get registered. We will be sending you emails in June regarding fee payment and fee deferral as well. So it looks like we're set for now (though I wish I could get a receipt or something).
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