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  1. Consider your privacy settings for all your social media outlets too.
  2. I HOPE that is the case... but I doubt it. I already stated I was generalizing as I obviously dont know what OP wrote in their PS. I do know that ive seen plenty of posts from OP on this forum stating "this unique experience in Africa" as if it was the one thing their application was hinging on. People need to realize that their "Eat, Pray, Love" excursions to the 3rd world matter to only them.
  3. Going to Africa isn't unique. I dont know your situation so I'm generalizing here, but there is this sense of entitlement among people who think just because they went to a poor country and developed a saviour complex after seeing all the black and brown people struggling to live-- but oh so happy with the little that they have--that they've got this unique experience deserving of special consideration.
  4. Thanks for the congratulations everyone. I tried to find the discretionary thread but couldn't so I posted here as I figured there may be some responses. It was an email and it stated explicitly in my acceptance letter that I was accepted under discretionary (not general). After the initial excitement wore off today lol, the reality of my circumstance at the moment will force me to decline the offer. Good luck to all of you!!
  5. Are you able to explain what you mean by "Unwelcoming to black students"? Was there a particular incident?
  6. Received an offer today at 16:12 lsat: 158 gpa: 86.4 allard confirmed applied discretionary
  7. I wasn’t sure if this needed its own thread or not but I received an acceptance today at 16:12. I applied discretionary GPA: 86.4 Lsat: 158 i did not expect to get in, and I have no idea what I’m going to do especially with all this covid stuff and I already put down a deposit at u of c. Mixed feelings, I’m literally shaking.
  8. @Aryaa https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-bars-to-bar-1.5473126 This lawyer spent 8 years in prison for murder (charged with 1st degree, plead guilty to manslaughter). The incident was pretty callous too. Redemption is possible for everyone!
  9. Regarding being a teachers assistant at school, honestly I may have glossed over that part, but yeah like the poster below me said, that would be considered employment. Anything you're being paid for would be.
  10. I think everything you just listed would be considered an extra-curricular activity. I was pretty worried when I first joined this forum because people talked about EC's like they were a must have aspect of your application. I can tell you now that I had zero ECs but was offered a spot at 3/4 law schools I applied to, and will be attending U of C. Admissions want to see that you're a well rounded individual, and I think there are many ways in illustrating that outside of joining clubs or volunteering.
  11. With the federal government saying that they have to gradually ease on social distancing, and that social distancing will be in place for quite some time still, the idea of being allowed to congregate on a campus with thousands of other students really seems ridiculous to me. There is no part of me that wants to do the first part of 1L online but I think with time people would come to terms with it, maybe look at some strategies on being successful online, and also just plan for all the changes and adjustments that school on the Internet will require-- (How much do I have to save for tuition? Will I need insurance or parking? Will I still get a UPASS or will I even need one? Do I need to rearrange a school working area in my home? Am I going from full time to part time at work? Do I need to move my entire life to another city or can I stay put for now? etc.) If they can thoughtfully plan out a semester online thats engaging and up to par with traditional in-class lectures, then maybe it wont be so bad. I think that takes time, and real commitment that wont come without being sure that it will be done online (at least in my opinion).
  12. It would be nice if they would just commit to it being online right now. The unknowns are causing me the most stress. I feel especially bad for out of province students. I can't imagine how they'll navigate a big move if the decision is stretched out till the end of summer.
  13. @mlmjb admissions told me that they wouldn't be reviewed until May with offers going out around the same time
  14. ah brutal! thanks for letting us know.
  15. Hello Just wondering if anyone has been offered an entrance award yet? I believe recipients are to be notified this month. Thank you
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