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  1. @mlmjb admissions told me that they wouldn't be reviewed until May with offers going out around the same time
  2. ah brutal! thanks for letting us know.
  3. Hello Just wondering if anyone has been offered an entrance award yet? I believe recipients are to be notified this month. Thank you
  4. @lawschoolhopeful6Yesss I was notified by email and it was an entrance scholarship that I did not apply for!!
  5. I was offered an entrance scholarship today!!
  6. They definitely care! It was explained to me by admissions like this-- you never want someone at admissions to concoct their own reasons to why you failed a class, why you dropped so many courses, or why your GPA drops significantly one semester. If you have a reason for something that may stand out, explain it. I explained every single one of my drops in my undergrad-- which was 3 or 4 (two of these being non credit classes but still showed up on my transcript) and also why my course load dropped one semester (still full time) and I am fortunate to say I received an offer from U of C. :)
  7. Got an email this morning! CGPA: 3.94/4.0 Lsat: 158 (one write)
  8. Although I dont think you should worry (mine was the same way), it wouldn't hurt to quickly give Rose or whoever else is in the admissions office a call to double check. I think I called twice during the whole process with questions and they were always helpful and kind. Good luck!
  9. Thinking of the money I spent on the Oxford course still hurts my heart. Obviously experiences may differ, but I know a handful of people who took it as well and it just wasn't worth it.
  10. Accepted this morning!!! CGPA: 3.94/4.0 LSAT: 158 Calgarian, undergraduate degree, no EC's, been working full-time with bouts of part time during school since 2007. Application was completed last week of October. Ill likely be accepting, but seriously considering my offer at dal
  11. Absolutely! Ive been on a journey that only five years ago I couldn't have even imagined. Academics were never in the cards for me, but I had the will to make it happen which only developed through growing older. I would never let my age deter me, especially this far along. Thanks for the kind words
  12. Lol me too! But my plan is to commit to saying Iโ€™m 25 years old for the next few years. Thatโ€™s 94โ€™ right?
  13. From my own experience, im pretty sure they are automatically sent. My score and my written portion were not in when the schools I applied to requested the report, but as soon as my written portion was approved, which was a few days after my score was released, I saw that my reports had been sent to each school. Ive also received an offer already so I can't imagine it would be any different for you
  14. I am so excited to say that I received an email this morning that I have been accepted into Schulich law. GPA is a 3.94/4.0, I believe its a 4.3/4.3 by my own calculations LSAT score is 158 No ECs, but ive been working full time since 2007. Im sure my references were pretty good. App. was in by Nov 4th with my last reference in by the 25th Calgary resident with no connection to the maritimes.
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