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  1. Wait listed at 69, LSAT 156 AGPA 3.94 Index 73.75
  2. Does anyone know how reliable this really is? In this equation I would have a .77 and two separate people from the accepted thread have a .75.
  3. Was just hoping to get some information as to when UNB creates their wait list for the year? My B2/L2 is roughly 3.8/4.3 and I scored a 156 on the LSAT. Wondering what my chances might be and when I might get some good or bad news. I applied in October.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows the date that the waitlist will be created?
  5. What were your stats if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. First off congrats! Would you mind sharing your stats if you received your offer that soon after?
  7. Hey everyone, Likely a dumb question but I am just curious about the significance of the assessment has begun email. I applied back in early November and I believe I have borderline competitive stats despite a below average LSAT (3.8 GPA and 156 LSAT). I was just curious what other people’s experiences were once receiving this email or why I have received it so long after applying. Thanks
  8. Can't seem to get better than a 155 on the LSAT but my gpa with drops is 3.93. Can anyone give me an idea of whether I should be able to get in with a fairly low index score like 72.92.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm finishing up my applications over the next few days and was hoping to get some feedback from anyone with some knowledge on the subject. The stats I provided above in my topic line are for any school using a 4.3 scale (I will be applying to UNB and Dalhousie). I will also be applying to U of M where my GPA on a 4.5 scale is calculated at 3.78 with an AGPA of 3.93, and to the U of S where on a 4.0 scale it is 3.65 but I have not calculated the L2. I was hoping to get input on my chances at these schools and perhaps advice or recommendations of other schools I should consider applying to. Thanks in advance, Zack
  10. Did you have amazing extracurriculars or references? Because in most of the accepted threads i've seen there have been people with much higher stats rejected from the majority of those schools.
  11. Which ones did you get into with those stats?
  12. Hey everyone, Just wondering if someone can give me some insight into whether or not I have a chance at getting in anywhere with my current stats. I plan to write the LSAT two more times in the fall to boost my score but I was wondering if there were any schools that I would be able to get into regardless of my re-writes. If it helps my L2 is a 3.83 on a 4.3 scale. Thanks
  13. Could it have had anything to do with letters of reference or EC's?
  14. 3.8 before drops and a 165 just seems incredibly high to not even get waitlisted. 165 is higher than any Canadian law schools LSAT average other than UBC and U of T. And 3.8 is quite high also.
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